What happens when there are no good guys?

I find myself sitting here pondering something, the creation of yet another alt. An alt to level slowly, uncaring about whether they ever see end game content or not. One to go experience the story as its told while I’m leveling, as opposed to going full heirlooms and burning my way thru the zones, just […]

Bucket list?

So lately I’ve heard people talking about Mists of Pandaria  bucket lists. Are there that many buckets that we need to list them all? Does that have anything to do with this expansion being MoP? I mean, yes, MoPs need buckets, but why a whole list? Oh, my bad. You ment THAT kind of bucket list. […]

This should be a simple question

I was spending my Monday morning thinking about my future plans in World of Warcraft. More specifically about how and where I plan to level characters in Warlords of Draneor. In the end I plan to only level two characters to the cap next expansion. I figure One Horde and One Alliance will allow me to play […]

Visions of a better mobile app

As I’m sitting here on a quiet Sunday morning I do what I normally do when I have a bit of free time. I goof around on my phone. As I often do, I log into the mobile app to see if there’s anyone online that might want to chat. While I was bouncing from […]

My two cents on the boost to 90

One of the more interesting pieces of news that came from Blizzcon was the instant boost to 90 that will come with the expansion pack. It caused quite a kerfuffle on Twitter as the announcements were coming thru. Later as more details came to light it seems that Blizzard has decided that playing with ones friends is […]

The Riker paradigm

Years ago I was in the Navy, and spent a good part of the late 80′s and early 90′s out to sea. What does that have to do with Warcraft? Not much honestly, but it does explain why I’ve been slowly working my way thru shows like Star Trek, The Next Generation and actually seeing […]

What if we are the bad guys?

A thought has been rolling around in my head ever since the basic plotline of the WoD expansion was announced. You know, that whole thing where Garrosh escapes, somehow steals Doc’s DeLorean, and drives thru the Dark Portal at 88 miles per hour. This puts him back in the old west old Draenor where he decides to […]

Excuse my mess….

As you may have noticed, I have started blogging again. In not even kind of unrelated news I have also started playing WoW again. I suppose now that folks might be coming by again I kinda need to spruce the place up a bit. Like your house… you have folks coming over for the holidays… […]

Maybe I never really left?

There is a lot of hubbub about the upcoming expansion, most of it good. I read up on the changes planned for the game, and decided I would throw down a few bucks on a game card. Yes, I know, the changes have yet to happen. I have been quite happy with everything I’ve read. It’s like they read […]

You’re Grounded!

So, Insomnia is a damn nuisance. It does however give me extra time to read up on things and even toss out the occasional blog post. Good with the bad I suppose. Anyhow, The reason I brought you all here today was to talk about flight. More specifically flight in the new old world of […]


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