The longer I keep the blog around and the more I read the more I realize that there are a lot of great Wow blogs out there. My bloglist was getting incredibly unmanageably long to have on the front page. That’s even with trying to keep it small.

So, like several others before me, I am converting my blogroll into a separate tabbed page. Then again I suppose if you are reading this you have already found it.


Ok, here goes. I am going to start by listing all the still active blogs on my original blogroll. I will not try to sort them by category, if you want that go hit up the Twisted Nether Wiki, they do a much better job than I could hope to.

Also, it will get bigger with time. If you know of something that you think should be included please drop me a line at Benameless AT gmail DOT com and I will check it out.

Resources I use


Talent Chic

Twisted Nether Wiki

Wow Heroes


Wow Insider

Webcomics I enjoy

By way of Booty Bay

Dark Legacy

Looking For Group

Wapsi Square


Blogs I enjoy reading

Asleep at the Wow

Aspect of the Hare

Big Bear Butt

Gray Matter

Mania’s Arcania

Temerity Jane

Too Many Annas

Twisted Nether

Two and a Half Orcs

World of Matticus


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