My hunter gear plan for 70

Edit: this post has become much more popular than I originaly thought it would. I decided to do it a bit better, and a bit differently. Kindly check out the gear list I am working on HERE.


Well, here I go again. About 6 months ago I rerolled Alliance to run with a few family members who also play Warcraft. I decided on a priest for A switch from my normal huntering duties. The priest is fun and I enjoy instancing and raiding with him but there is just a little something missing.

Looks like I miss my horde side hunter enough that I am going to level one alliance side as well. Thinking back to the nuiscence it was farming up the right gear once i hit 70 horde side I figured things would go better with a plan.

I looked at the races and their benifits, Gift of the Narru made up my mind. I decided to roll a Dreani.

The next thing I planned out were my professions, where did I see this character heading? the answer to that was a simple one for me. My priest is my raiding main, this hunter would be a farming character. She may run the occasional 5 man and the odd heroic, but would likely never raid. With that in mind I decided to go with skinning and herbalisim. I eventually plan to cross over to herbalisim and inscription.

Now knowing that none of the faction recipes would be of any use to me I looked at the other rewards and elected to go Aldor once I get to outlands. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, but as the old saying goes “I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”. That goes for my preplanning as well as most other things in life.

Next I looked at what I wanted to outfit my character with to be able to do the job I asked of her. I know I will mostly be working with this character solo so I opted for Bind on Equip items and quest rewards. A few of the quest rewards are group quests, but only one in an instance. So bearing that all in mind here is what I plan to gather.
Hunter planned gear at 70

Stalkers helm of second sight (quest reward, Shadowmoon)
503 armor
31 agility
12 stamina
8 intellect
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Socket bonus +8 attack power )
60 attack power
4 Mp5
Enchantment: glyph of ferocity (34 attack power, 16 hit) (CE revered)

Necklace of the deep (crafted)
21 agility
20 stamina
Red socket (delicate living ruby +8 agility)
Red socket (delicate living ruby +8 agility)
Socket bonus +3 hit rating

Earthmender’s crimson spaulders (quest reward escape from coilskar cistern, Shadowmoon)
441 armor
16 agility
12 stamina
8 intellect
60 attack power
Enchantment: Inscription of vengeance (26 attack power) (Aldor honored)

Breastplate of rapid striking (boe blue)
619 armor
40 agility
20 intellect
46 attack power
20 hit rating
Enchantment: exceptional stats (+6 to all stats)

Delicate green poncho (quest reward from bring me the egg in Negrand)
66 armor
14 agility
19 stamina
28 attack power
14 hit rating
Enchantment: greater agility (+12 agility)

Felstalker bracers (crafted)
283 armor
18 agility
11 intellect
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Socket bonus +3 stamina
38 attack power
Enchantment: assault (+24 attack power)

Gauntlets of the redeemed vindicator (quest reward deathblow to the legion, netherstorm)
387 armor
23 agility
21 stamina
20 intellect
48 attack power
Enchantment: assault (+26 attack power)

Rune engraved belt (quest reward from fel embers, shattered halls)
364 armor
25 agility
50 attack power
24 hit rating

Sunfury leggards (quest reward from Varedis must be stopped in Shadowmoon)
524 armor
25 agility
12 intellect
90 attack power
5 Mp5
Enchantment: nethercleft leg armor (+40 stamina, +12 agility)

Fleet refugees boots (quest reward from helping the lost find their way, Terrorkar)
353 armor
18 agility
17 hit
36 attack power
Enchantment: dexterity (+12 agility)

Ring 1:
Delicate eternium ring (crafted)
25 agility
15 stamina
16 dodge rating

Ring 2:
Slayers mark of the redemption (quest reward from disention amongst the ranks, Shadowmoon)
15 agility
10 hit
50 attack power

Trinket 1:
Bladefist’s Breadth (quest reward from overlord in Hellfire)
29 crit rating
On use 200 attack power for 15 sec (2 min cool down)

Trinket 2:
Terokkar tablet of precision (quest reward from Torgos in Terokkar)
22 hit rating
On use 140 attack power 15 sec (90 second cool down)

Valanos longbow (boe blue)
66.4 dps
10 intellect
10 crit rating
22 attack power
Enchantment: stabilized eternium scope (+28 crit)

2 hander:
Crystalforged waraxe (boe blue)
50 stamina
27 crit
80 attack power
Enchantment: major agility (+35 agility)

Next I plugged all this gear into the sandbox on and got the following stats in return.
71 strength
512 agility
330 Stamina
173 Intellect
91 spirit
4582 armor
7221 health
5695 mana
1368 ranged attack power
219.9 melee dps
278.6 ranged dps
126 hit rating (hit capped after accounting the Dreani racial)
107 crit rating (21.07% crit)

I think this setup will do the job I am asking of it, and then some.

Note: edited the list and numbers to reflect changes to the plan.

I love it when Twisting Nether proc’s

For those who are not familiar with the darkmoon faire card Twisting Nether you don’t know what your missing. It gives you a 10% chance to be able to self rez. I can’t tell you how many times that thing has saved my bacon in a tough spot. I picked it Up when my priest was young and still use it to this day. In short it is my favorite trinket.

This week a new Twisting Nether came along in the form of a podcast put on by Breana of Gun lovin Dwarf Chick and Fimlys of Asleep at the Wow. It was a fun and entertaining way to spend a bit over a half hour. If you haven’t been over there yet go check it out. It won’t bring you back from the dead, but it just might become a favorite.

I love it when Twisting Nether proc’s

For those who are not familiar with the darkmoon faire card Twisting Nether you don’t know what your missing. It gives you a 10% chance to be able to self rez. I can’t tell you how many times that thing has saved my bacon in a tough spot. I picked it Up when my priest was young and still use it to this day. In short it is my favorite trinket.

This week a new Twisting Nether came along in the form of a podcast put on by Breana of Gun lovin Dwarf Chick and Fimlys of Asleep at the Wow. It was a fun and entertaining way to spend a bit over a half hour. If you haven’t been over there yet go check it out. It won’t bring you back from the dead, but it just might become a favorite.

Truely epic

I don’t plan to do a whole series of “I raided last night and got the following loot” type of posts. I will smile and say I reached a bit of a milestone last night. My raiding main ( a holy priest) has been forever running around with A crafted blue dps helm gemmed for healing and a set of level 60 blue gloves also gemmed for healing.

In my Kara run this weekend that finaly changed, From Attumen I picked up the gloves of saintly blessings and from Prince the light collar of the incarnate. So now as soon as I farm up some enchanting mats I will be in full epics with not a single pvp item to be found.

*pats own back*

That being said, that was not my good news. The best most truely epic things happen in real life, not as purple pixels in a game. For truly epic I need to look towards next Saturday.

Even though she plays a pretty good warlock this has nothing to do with Warcraft. My oldest daughter Meg will graduate high school this week. I am tremendously proud of her, and feel like telling everyone. So if you happen to be one of the few who stumble across my ramblings you get stuck reading about it. You see I was a dropout, I never got the chance to experience many of the things she has. A parent will always hope for their kids to do better than they did, Meg has fulfilled that wish and then some.

Did I mention she already found herself a good job? Or that she decided to start MONDAY? That’s right, after her graduation ceremony on Saturday she took a whole one day off to enjoy herself before starting her post highschool life as A productive member of society. Did I mention I am proud of her?

*Pats Meg’s back in public, even though the thought of it annoys her*

Good job kid, dad’s mighty proud.

What am I going to be when I grow up?

Whew! that was tiring. All those pesky wolves and troggs and such. Well Since the last article in this series which you can find Here we have pounded our way through the starting quests in Coldridge valley, making level 6 along the way. In the process we picked up the spell to summon our first pet, the imp. I noticed life got alot easier once I had help, and so far the character is playing right about the way I expected it to.

Next thing on our list of things to do is head for the inn located in the town of Kharanos in Dun Morogh. This will be my new base camp, so I set my hearth here. next on my agenda is addressing my sadly lacking ability to store things and my obvious lack of funds. Yes I know I have several 70’s on this server that could just drop cash and gear on my shiny new warlock, but I think I will do this the old way.

The next question I need to ask myself is “what do I want to be when I grow up”? There are many skills to choose from, unfortunately I can only learn two. Lets take a look at the choices availible to us and see whare we want to go from there.

First we have our production skills, these actually produce either a service like enchanting or items for use or sale.

Alchemy: makes potions, flasks, elixers, and oils using herbs and various other reagents. providing many beneficial effects. It can also be a reasonlably good money maker, especaily when combined with Herbalisim.

Blacksmithing: specalises in the creation of metallic armor, weapons, and weapon enhancing stones. has good synergy when combined with Mining: but since I cannot use most of what it provides it is not really a good fit for this character.

Engineering: is quite a fun profession with lots of interesting things to help you in your travels. It also goes well with Mining:, however I already have an engineer so I will pass on this one as well.

Leatherworking: allows a player to take skins and hides and convert them into leather armour items and armor kits. goes very well with Skinning: which can be a good money maker in its own right. However since I am limited to cloth armor here I will pass on this one as well.

Tailoring: there is a lot to be said for being able to convert all that cloth I am going to gather into useful items. It does not really require a gathering skill which leaves you free to take a second production skill. Often coupled with Enchanting: as it also requires no gathering skill. If I did not already have a tailor I would most certainly go this route.

Jewelcrafting: is next on our list. It allows you to craft rings, necklaces, and several really nice BOP trinkets. In addition you will be able to craft gems to socket into high level gear to enhance its performance. a good money maker that goes well with Mining:, it is definately a contender as one of my choices.

Enchanting: allows you to take uncommon (green) or better items and disenchant them into dusts, essences, and shards that are in turn used to provide enhancements to other items. Does not really have a gathering skill associated with it and as such generaly goes well with Tailoring:. A good choice for this character, but as I already have an enchanter I will pass this time.

Next we have our gathering skills. These will not produce anything directly but gather raw materials either for ues by your other profession or to sell to get cash.

Herbalisim: allows you to harvest herbs from the ground, or occasionaly from dead enemies. goes well with Alchemy:. However it is still a good money maker int its own right.

Mining: Allows you to gather ore from various mineral deposits, also occasionaly from dead enemies. goes well with Jewelcrafting:, Engineering:, and Blacksmithing:. It is also a good money maker in it’s own right. Requires a mining pick.

Skinning: allows a player to take hides and skins from dead beasts. goes well with Leatherworking:, while still being a strong money maker on its own. requires a skinning knife.

If this was my first character, or my only character on this server I would most certainly go with skinning and herbalisim to make money as I leveled, with plans to later drop skinning and pick up alchemy. However that is not the case so I elected to go with Herbalisim and Alchemy right away.

Another good combination for this charactar would have been either mining and jewelcrafting or tailoring and enchanting. I simply decided that the potions I could make for all my characters outweighed the benefits of the other combinations.

So there we have my rambling thouhghts on what professions I decided to take with this character and why. Taking mining and jewelcrafting was a really close second choice, however I am thinking that I may want to use this character as an inscriptionist in the next expansion. When I pick this up again I will look into how I plan to make money to support my adventuring lifestyle.

Customer disservice

Another in a long string of occurrences that make me question Blizz and their notoriously bad customer service.

I love the Warcraft. It is a wonderful social game where I have made several good friends, friendships that bleed over into real life and will be there when wow is dust. I have also had the honor of having experienced the wonders of their customer service as I watched my brother log in when it was not him, watched him go from the bank to the mailbox while not answering tells, watched him strip to his shorts and make one last trip to the box. The whole time I had in a ticket, for hours no one replied. Locking the barn after the horses get away is pointless.

Even with the screen shots, the instant ticket put in, and phone calls my brother tried to make while we watched him get ransacked, it still took weeks to get his character back. Now in a knee-jerk reaction Blizz seems to be throwing their nets wide and not caring about the consequences. I suppose when you have ten million accounts losing a few might not seem to matter, but new things are on the horizon. If folks are unhappy enough they will move elsewhere.

Remember all the companies that outsourced tech support over the last decade? Look into how many lost business as a result. Now many companies are moving back to doing their own in house customer service. A shining example of this kind of callousness can be found on Temerity-Janes blog Here. I don’t know what else I can say other than good luck. Some times bad things happen to good people, I hope your story has a happy ending.

Edit: An interesting post about the why of the ban series can be found at priestly endeavors here.

My point is not to scream at Blizz for this particular issue, but for their very difficult to work with customer service in general.

Their recent tactic in using prior purchases with the same credit card information to support a ban I strongly disagree with. A for instance would be if I were to purchase a gaming keyboard that has programmable keystrokes with time delay built in as a gift for a friend who does not play wow, never installing it or it’s software in my system. Would this be considered sufficient wrong doing to hit me with the ban hammer? I understand that the credit card info they received was for purchasers of glider software, but it sets a dangerous precedent.

I don’t see this as having a long term impact on purchasing such things, it merely makes sure the “bad guys” pay for their hacks with cash and their accounts with game cards. I don’t know how far this will go, but I would like Blizz’s customer service to be a bit more forthcoming and a bit less confrontational.

A little help goes a long way

Before I start this, I am not tooting my own horn. I am A decent hunter, but by no means an expert. I have leveled one to 70 and raided as far as Kara before I switched to healing on my priest. I am now leveling a second one, alliance side. I have some experience, but still can’t seem to get the jump shot down. I strafe kite when kiting needs to be done. I will also note chain trapping is much less fun at 40 than 70.

Now back to the post…

An interesting thing happened to me a few days ago. I was playing on the alliance hunter I am currently leveling In Tenaris. I was just questing through, minding my own business an I made A bit of a boo boo. I pulled 4 mobs of level 44/45 when I meant to pull one out of the pack (for reference I was 40 at the time). I figured I was dead, but as I only needed two more to finish the quest I was on I decided to try to get them before the corpse run.

I put the pet on the caster, trapped to one with the stun ability, and commenced kiting the two others. As I finished burning down the caster and put the pet on the trap I noticed my health going UP on occasion. I check my buffs, Woot! druid hot’s! Sweet I think, There’s hope. So I killed, kited, and trapped till they were all gone.

I look around when the dust settles, there is a mid 50’s druid sitting a bit away. I go over to say thanks, he asks me if I can do it again for his friend. I said I would try and we partied up. A few minutes later his friend arrived. The hunter was 41, specced an odd hybrid of all three trees, and equipped with lots of +strength and +Stam gear. We went over to the next batch of mobs and pulled the whole group again, this time on purpose. With the much appreciated help of the druid’s hots I repeated the earlier performance.

On a side note I forgot how much my 70 hunter relied on both the beastlord set bonus to trapping and the improved trapping skills from being 17 points into survival. You know the old saying “you don’t miss something until it’s gone”? Well I sure missed it then. I can’t even imagine trying it one level earlier. I would have had no bestial wrath, no feign death, and would have still been wearing all leather instead of half mail.

Back to the story, We got to to chatting for a bit about wow in general. It turns out these two, and two other real life friends are all leveling their first characters at the same time. One druid and three hunters. They were new to the game, but had already figured out something that worked for them. The three hunters would all sic their pets on something and kill it while the druid healed. Not a bad system really, it just needed more than one of them online at once. None of them knew what kind of gear they needed. none knew anything special about talent specs. And the other two were logging in right now, could I show them too?

So that is how I ended up in a party of four hunters and one druid. We ran about for some time with me doing things and the others trying. We talked more about specs and gear choices. I pointed them to several blogs for both hunters and druids. Places like BRK, Gun Lovin Dwarf Chick, and Aspect of the Hare for huntering, Big Bear Butt, Leafshine, and Ferocious Bite for druiding. These folks have forgotten more about their classes than I have learned, and they have loads of links to other great sites as well. I also warned them to take everything on the official blizzard forums with a grain big bag of salt. We played around with trapping a bit, having each one of them trap the same mob in turn to keep it trapped while they each tanked and killed one of the other three. When we were done with that we decided to go plow through the pirates along the coast. Watching how fast things went down to the four of us focus firing was amazing.

After about an hour of playing around I had to log. I told them it was the most fun I had in the game in a while. They all said they planned to log as well and go do some blog reading. I think the highlight was as I was logging out. I watched someone try to sell one of the hunters a +strength axe during my countdown the last thing on my screen was “Are you nuts? a hunter needs agility”. I think I did some good, and that’s a good feeling.

Looking for a few good raiders….

The raiding guild I run with, Remnants on the Stormrage (us) server is opening up a recruiting window. We are looking for experienced raiders, Kara geared or better for our 25 man team. we are currently 1/6 in SSC with this team.

if you are interested please head over to the Remnants website and drop us an application

Everything I need to know about Wow I learned in the Barrens.

Once upon A time I was looking at creating my very first character. We have all been there. Some of us still have that character, some don’t. Either way many of us have other characters we play at least as much, if not more. I was thinking back last night about how my first character set many long term attitudes within the game.

I was not totally alien to the concept of gaming, but it had been a long time, and the games were pen and paper. I had several friends that also played, but they were busy raiding and had little time for running around helping out a noob. I asked one about it, he told me that I would be more than welcome in guild once I had leveled up. He held the attitude that I would learn my class better if I did not have them to fall back on. So I ran shiny new, unguilded, and pretty much clueless. I read the official class descriptions and decided on a druid. It seemed like the best choice, I did not know what would be expected of me at level 60, but the druid seemed equipped to handle it all.

Now while it was nice to have high level friends on the server, A little more info would have been nice. This is not to say I got no help, as a gift for making level 10 and completing my bear form quest the druid friend of mine swung down to where I was at and made me four ten slot bags. I remember those helping out loads. All I had were two six slotters I had found at the time. I also had not yet discovered what the bank was. At least I made good profession choices with skinning and leatherworking.

I learned everything I needed to know about the game from the game itself. The first thing I learned was that wrath and moonfire were great. I learned to keep my buffs up on myself too, they helped. I learned with bear form I could put one and later two heal over time spells on myself, become a bear and last a long time. Bear soloing was slow, but I could understand it. I reached level 20 and learned cat form. It seemed so different than bear form. It’s could put out more damage, but I found I was dying lots trying to figure it out. I decided bear was better for soloing and stuck with it. I wonder how things would have been different if a higher level druid had stumbled upon me and steered me in a different direction, but it did not happen.

I was looking at talents and thinking that bear form already works well, and I don’t use cat. I made the decision to make my spells better. I think I was specced mostly balance with a sprinkling on resto mixed in. Looking back through the lens of several years of play I know what I was doing wrong, but at the time I just did what worked. I looked at my skills and tried different things till I found something that clicked. Once I found something that worked I stuck with it. In the same way a child learns not to touch hot things, I learned what not to do by trying and failing.

One day as I was happily soloing my way through the barrens I receive a whisper asking if I will go do wailing caverns with a group. I have never been in a group so far, but I will give it a shot. After all, how bad could it be? I might even make a friend or two.

The group was a warrior, a hunter, a mage, a rogue, and myself the druid. I looked at the group makeup and decided (correctly) that I should be the healer. I have never healed anyone other than myself. This is the first time I have ever seen party frames as a matter of fact. It was by far the worst pug I have ever been on. Looking back I can tell the warrior was fury and had no intention of tanking. The general plan seemed to be engaging everything in sight by separate people trying to solo or dual mobs. I kept trying to heal but was going through mana way too fast and they seemed to not understand I needed to drink.

The only one that seemed to know what was going on was the hunter. He trapped things in big blocks of ice so we could deal with them later, he used his pet to pull bad guys off of me when they tried to chew my face off, he even made them run in circles trying to catch him. It was funny in a way, almost like a three stooges kind of funny.

We wiped. After each time the warrior, rouge, and mage would get in party chat blaming it on the noob druid. Yes in fact I did let them die, I only have so much mana and repeated chain pulls without time to drink wore it out. It was also really hard to keep up with three people who were each trying to fight their own fight. They wanted to hear nothing of it. One by one they left. In the end it was just me and the hunter. We went on for a while with me healing his pet while he killed things. It actually went better after the others left. Unfortunately there came a time that the pulls were just too much for the two of us. We called it a day and left.

I learned several valuable lessons from this run, not all of them true.

1. Never ever go on runs with people you don’t know. (I still rarely pug)

2. The healer will be blamed for all wipes. (even if the mage forgets to sheep and instead Aoe’s in 4 extra mobs)

3. I enjoyed healing (believe it or not trying to keep up was fun)

4. A well played hunter is a huge asset to a group.

5. Rebirth is a good spell to have in a group, always carry a few seeds. (never used it soloing, so I saved the bag space)

6. Two people cooperating can do more than five all trying to solo the place.

7. People blog about Wow. (the hunter told me about Petopia and BRK)

8. Tauren can use thunderstomp to piss things off (oops, I just used it for the stun)

9. Standing on top of an ice trap is a good place to be if you are healing.

10. Mark of the wild and thorns can be put on other people as well, and should be.

I went back to leveling solo, never again answering a whisper for an instance with that character. I had learned a few things from the run that would pay off later though. I always tried to buff those around me now that I knew I could. I started reading Wow blogs, first Big Red Kitty and then his blogroll.

About a month after this the friends I had started playing with decided to switch servers. Ours was a bit overpopulated at the time and they decided to go to a shiny new server. Most of them would be transferring characters over once it opened up for transfers, I knew I would not. My druid had made it to the mid thirties. I don’t recall exactly where but I had travel form but no mount. It would be pointless to move him at that level, better to just start over. I liquidated everything I had. Then gave the cash to someone who was transferring later so he could pass it back to my new character.

I went to the new server and stared at the character screen. That is when I rolled the hunter that I still have. I took up engineering and mining because of the other hunters jumper cables. I rolled solo that way for a long time. I always remembered that first pug. I learned to trap, I learned to control my pet, I learned to try to help out others when I can. If you take anything away from this (assuming anyone reads it, lol) remember that the other characters have people behind them as well, treat them as you would like to be treated. If they are new don’t mock them, help them. You might just make a lasting impression on someone.

It took me almost a year to finally get around to leveling another healer, but that is a story for another day.

Whats in a name?

When last we met we had determined that our shiny new character was going to be a Gnome warlock. If you missed the first part of this article you can go back and check it out Here. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Sweet, all we do now is plug in a name and go right? Well that all depends once again on where you are going with the character. Keep in mind there are only four things you cannot change about your character after you leave this screen. Those would be the characters race, sex, facial features, and hairstyle. Coming in the next expansion hairstyle changes will be available so there will be only three.

Before we can go about picking a name we need to know what sex the character will be. This will have an effect on your game. The way people approach you will be different depending on what you choose. Some people I know choose only their own real life sex for all their characters. I also know folks who mix and match, having some of both. I assume there those out there that play all characters of the opposite sex. I myself fall into the category of people who play both. I could do an entire post about just my thoughts on this particular topic, it however was covered quite well by Big Bear Butt Here.

We will leave it at deciding to go with a male character, now to find a name.

There are lots of things you need to consider when deciding on your name. Yes I know you can pay to change it later if you truly want to, but who wants to toss money out the window when you don’t have to?

The first thing to look at are the naming conventions in the EULA, if you violate them you will be changing it anyway. If you don’t want to take the time to read the EULA just consider this. If you think there is any possibility it may offend someone then don’t go there. You will just get reported and have to change it. If you are out to offend people, please do it elsewhere. Always keep in mind that there are real people sitting on the other side of the screen. There are also lots of potential friends walking around in the world of warcraft, try not to chase them off with a poorly chosen name.

The second thing to consider is peoples preconceptions. Like it or not with nothing else to go on your name sticks out. Lets say you are looking for looking for a tank for an instance and you do a quick /who to see if anyone is in your area. You see the following characters, A paladin named Sir Healsalot, A druid named Crittycat, and a warrior named Meatshield. Looking at those names I saw a holy paladin, A dps/feral druid, and A protection specced warrior. Beware typecasting yourself with your name.

Another thing to consider is how original your name is going to be. No I don’t think we can all be like special snowflakes with totally original names. That being said try to avoid taking a name that is already in use by someone else and just adding a letter or changing the spelling to get close to it. One of the dangers there is accidentally sending your mail to the other person, and your reputation for another. If for instance Nameless is an a$$hat and you name your character Namelesss people will associate you with the other person. Back to the whole preconceptions thing. (no offense to anyone named Nameless is implied)

A fourth thing to consider is what people will call you. Face it your name will be shortened when people type it out. For instance if you name your character Xalathion you will be Xal, possibly even just X depending on who is typing. If you use more than one word in your name you might just get yourself an acronym instead. Big Red Kitty being called BRK comes to mind right away.

So here we are trying to think of a somewhat unique name that won’t get shortened down to something we don’t like. Are we going with a theme? Perhaps you are an altaholic with nine other characters on the server and they all have names starting with Z. In chat you are Z no matter what character you are currently on, and it helps your guildies keep track of you. If that is the case it would make good sense to go with a name starting in Z.

Do you like mythology? there are some really interesting names to be had there, just beware taking the name of a figure from A religious text as it may be offensive to some. There are lots of names to be had though. How about reading fiction? Names of characters, particularly supporting characters from works of fiction work quite well also.

A third good resource is baby name lists. you can google up an easy dozen free lists of baby names in less time than it took me to type this sentence. A bonus here is that many of them come with a section telling the meaning of individual names.

After much poking around online I finally narrowed my search down to 5 names. The first two were already taken but i picked up my third choice and Bokwus the Gnome warlock was born. I picked out the name of a evil spirit that had a nasty habit of stealing souls for its own use from native american legend. I just thought it kind of fit with a warlock.


Bokwus – A fearsome spirit in the great northwestern American spruce forests. He is only seen in glimpses, but has been seen wearing totemic face paints. Hunters are very aware of his presence. He likes to push fishermen off the banks to drown, taking the victim’s soul to his home in the forest. What he does with them there, no one knows.

Just remember that whatever you decide you will be looking at that name for a long time, why not take a few minutes and find one you truly like. Now I see a big yellow exclamation point, time to get going. Lets see where this takes us.