How to make it epic

As I was browsing my favorite blogs, as I tend to do. I came across this question posed by Matticus, what makes an encounter epic?

It got me thinking about not just what epic is, but how to make what you are already doing now epic. Why wait for the next patch, the next instance, or the next raid? Enjoy the moment you are in, make it epic.

I am not sure where I will go with this for sure. My thoughts at the moment are leaning towards trying a ten player level raid of level 10 to 12 characters for a deadmines run. Not twinks, just quest rewards and normal crafted items for their level. I have not tried it yet, but as far as I can tell the minimum level is 10 and the maximum number of players is also 10. I already have a level 11 druid sitting around, now I just need to recruit 9 victims volunteers. Then we will see how it goes.

Welcome aboard

Well this should be interesting, This will be my first attempt at trying to put a Blog together.

We will probably be seeing lots of changes coming around as I try different things.

I will be posting about many different topics. Mostly World of warcraft, but other things as well depending on what strikes my fancy. I do not pretend to be a journalist, reasearcher, or an accompished writer. I just happen to like to talk. Some of my posts may be funny, some informative, and others interesting only for their poor grammar. I have no idea where this will take us, but lets enjoy the ride.

Welcome aboard.