This ticks me off…

Todays off topic rant brought to you by the inconsiderate a$$hat who just burned me with his cigarette butt on my way home from work.

1. Watch out for other people, you might pay taxes for them but you do not own the road.

2. The world is not your ashtray, if you decide you want to smoke please keep your debris to yourself. Buy a %^$#ing ashtray already.

3. To the teenage looking girl who almost ran into me when I nearly laid my bike down, get off the &^#$@ phone and pay attention to driving the car.

4. To the grizzled old biker guy who stopped to make sure I was ok when I had pulled over to get a$$hats cigarette butt out of my shirt, thank you. It goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.

That is all, rant over.

Look for the next installment of my warlock project on Monday when I get back from camping.

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