Truely epic

I don’t plan to do a whole series of “I raided last night and got the following loot” type of posts. I will smile and say I reached a bit of a milestone last night. My raiding main ( a holy priest) has been forever running around with A crafted blue dps helm gemmed for healing and a set of level 60 blue gloves also gemmed for healing.

In my Kara run this weekend that finaly changed, From Attumen I picked up the gloves of saintly blessings and from Prince the light collar of the incarnate. So now as soon as I farm up some enchanting mats I will be in full epics with not a single pvp item to be found.

*pats own back*

That being said, that was not my good news. The best most truely epic things happen in real life, not as purple pixels in a game. For truly epic I need to look towards next Saturday.

Even though she plays a pretty good warlock this has nothing to do with Warcraft. My oldest daughter Meg will graduate high school this week. I am tremendously proud of her, and feel like telling everyone. So if you happen to be one of the few who stumble across my ramblings you get stuck reading about it. You see I was a dropout, I never got the chance to experience many of the things she has. A parent will always hope for their kids to do better than they did, Meg has fulfilled that wish and then some.

Did I mention she already found herself a good job? Or that she decided to start MONDAY? That’s right, after her graduation ceremony on Saturday she took a whole one day off to enjoy herself before starting her post highschool life as A productive member of society. Did I mention I am proud of her?

*Pats Meg’s back in public, even though the thought of it annoys her*

Good job kid, dad’s mighty proud.