I love it when Twisting Nether proc’s

For those who are not familiar with the darkmoon faire card Twisting Nether you don’t know what your missing. It gives you a 10% chance to be able to self rez. I can’t tell you how many times that thing has saved my bacon in a tough spot. I picked it Up when my priest was young and still use it to this day. In short it is my favorite trinket.

This week a new Twisting Nether came along in the form of a podcast put on by Breana of Gun lovin Dwarf Chick and Fimlys of Asleep at the Wow. It was a fun and entertaining way to spend a bit over a half hour. If you haven’t been over there yet go check it out. It won’t bring you back from the dead, but it just might become a favorite.

One Response

  1. Wow thanks!!!! We are so happy you enjoyed it! Even though haven’t sleep in two days, I would do it all over again (probably will this week)!

    Thanks again, posts and comments like this mean the world 😀


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