My hunter gear plan for 70

Edit: this post has become much more popular than I originaly thought it would. I decided to do it a bit better, and a bit differently. Kindly check out the gear list I am working on HERE.


Well, here I go again. About 6 months ago I rerolled Alliance to run with a few family members who also play Warcraft. I decided on a priest for A switch from my normal huntering duties. The priest is fun and I enjoy instancing and raiding with him but there is just a little something missing.

Looks like I miss my horde side hunter enough that I am going to level one alliance side as well. Thinking back to the nuiscence it was farming up the right gear once i hit 70 horde side I figured things would go better with a plan.

I looked at the races and their benifits, Gift of the Narru made up my mind. I decided to roll a Dreani.

The next thing I planned out were my professions, where did I see this character heading? the answer to that was a simple one for me. My priest is my raiding main, this hunter would be a farming character. She may run the occasional 5 man and the odd heroic, but would likely never raid. With that in mind I decided to go with skinning and herbalisim. I eventually plan to cross over to herbalisim and inscription.

Now knowing that none of the faction recipes would be of any use to me I looked at the other rewards and elected to go Aldor once I get to outlands. I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, but as the old saying goes “I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”. That goes for my preplanning as well as most other things in life.

Next I looked at what I wanted to outfit my character with to be able to do the job I asked of her. I know I will mostly be working with this character solo so I opted for Bind on Equip items and quest rewards. A few of the quest rewards are group quests, but only one in an instance. So bearing that all in mind here is what I plan to gather.
Hunter planned gear at 70

Stalkers helm of second sight (quest reward, Shadowmoon)
503 armor
31 agility
12 stamina
8 intellect
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Socket bonus +8 attack power )
60 attack power
4 Mp5
Enchantment: glyph of ferocity (34 attack power, 16 hit) (CE revered)

Necklace of the deep (crafted)
21 agility
20 stamina
Red socket (delicate living ruby +8 agility)
Red socket (delicate living ruby +8 agility)
Socket bonus +3 hit rating

Earthmender’s crimson spaulders (quest reward escape from coilskar cistern, Shadowmoon)
441 armor
16 agility
12 stamina
8 intellect
60 attack power
Enchantment: Inscription of vengeance (26 attack power) (Aldor honored)

Breastplate of rapid striking (boe blue)
619 armor
40 agility
20 intellect
46 attack power
20 hit rating
Enchantment: exceptional stats (+6 to all stats)

Delicate green poncho (quest reward from bring me the egg in Negrand)
66 armor
14 agility
19 stamina
28 attack power
14 hit rating
Enchantment: greater agility (+12 agility)

Felstalker bracers (crafted)
283 armor
18 agility
11 intellect
Blue socket (jagged telasite +6 stamina, +4 crit rating)
Socket bonus +3 stamina
38 attack power
Enchantment: assault (+24 attack power)

Gauntlets of the redeemed vindicator (quest reward deathblow to the legion, netherstorm)
387 armor
23 agility
21 stamina
20 intellect
48 attack power
Enchantment: assault (+26 attack power)

Rune engraved belt (quest reward from fel embers, shattered halls)
364 armor
25 agility
50 attack power
24 hit rating

Sunfury leggards (quest reward from Varedis must be stopped in Shadowmoon)
524 armor
25 agility
12 intellect
90 attack power
5 Mp5
Enchantment: nethercleft leg armor (+40 stamina, +12 agility)

Fleet refugees boots (quest reward from helping the lost find their way, Terrorkar)
353 armor
18 agility
17 hit
36 attack power
Enchantment: dexterity (+12 agility)

Ring 1:
Delicate eternium ring (crafted)
25 agility
15 stamina
16 dodge rating

Ring 2:
Slayers mark of the redemption (quest reward from disention amongst the ranks, Shadowmoon)
15 agility
10 hit
50 attack power

Trinket 1:
Bladefist’s Breadth (quest reward from overlord in Hellfire)
29 crit rating
On use 200 attack power for 15 sec (2 min cool down)

Trinket 2:
Terokkar tablet of precision (quest reward from Torgos in Terokkar)
22 hit rating
On use 140 attack power 15 sec (90 second cool down)

Valanos longbow (boe blue)
66.4 dps
10 intellect
10 crit rating
22 attack power
Enchantment: stabilized eternium scope (+28 crit)

2 hander:
Crystalforged waraxe (boe blue)
50 stamina
27 crit
80 attack power
Enchantment: major agility (+35 agility)

Next I plugged all this gear into the sandbox on and got the following stats in return.
71 strength
512 agility
330 Stamina
173 Intellect
91 spirit
4582 armor
7221 health
5695 mana
1368 ranged attack power
219.9 melee dps
278.6 ranged dps
126 hit rating (hit capped after accounting the Dreani racial)
107 crit rating (21.07% crit)

I think this setup will do the job I am asking of it, and then some.

Note: edited the list and numbers to reflect changes to the plan.