This ticks me off…

Todays off topic rant brought to you by the inconsiderate a$$hat who just burned me with his cigarette butt on my way home from work.

1. Watch out for other people, you might pay taxes for them but you do not own the road.

2. The world is not your ashtray, if you decide you want to smoke please keep your debris to yourself. Buy a %^$#ing ashtray already.

3. To the teenage looking girl who almost ran into me when I nearly laid my bike down, get off the &^#$@ phone and pay attention to driving the car.

4. To the grizzled old biker guy who stopped to make sure I was ok when I had pulled over to get a$$hats cigarette butt out of my shirt, thank you. It goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover.

That is all, rant over.

Look for the next installment of my warlock project on Monday when I get back from camping.

A shiny new beginning

So there I was, deciding to create yet another alt. I was thinking to myself I should just blaze through the character creation screen as fast as I can click so I could just get on with playing. Then I realised I am going to be spending some time with the character I create, should I not put at least a few minutes into the creation? There are questions I should ask myself, and they can have huge implications later in the game.

The first question is “What do I plan to do with this character”? If your answer is run back and forth to the bank from the mailbox not so much thought goes into it. On the other hand do you plan to level the character? All the way to the level cap or stop at some predetermined level as a battleground twink?

After a bit of thought I decided this would be a character I will level slowly, up to the level cap. I also decided that since I already have A character at the level cap that is geared for raiding that would not be the focus of this character. My focus would be in slowly solo questing my way to the top.

Now I know where this character is going, I look at what I already have for characters. My raiding main is a holy priest with tailoring and enchanting as his skills. My other High level character is a hunter with skinning and engineering. I enjoyed leveling both of them but really did not want to level another of the same at the moment. Looking at everything here I decided to try a warlock. Without ever trying one before it seems that it will be somewhere between the hunter and priest in terms of play style.

Now we know that we are making a warlock we need to decide on a race. My tailor happens to be an alliance character so for ease of helping myself out I will limit myself to an alliance warlock. The races I have to choose from in this case are Human and Gnome. After looking at the different racial traits, and looking at the fact that I have never started a character in the Dwarven/Gnomish start area I decided to roll a Gnome.

So now I have it narrowed down to A Gnomish Warlock for my latest experiment, yet I am still on the character creation screen. When next we meet, “what’s in a name?” My look at the do’s and dont’s of character naming.

How to make it epic

As I was browsing my favorite blogs, as I tend to do. I came across this question posed by Matticus, what makes an encounter epic?

It got me thinking about not just what epic is, but how to make what you are already doing now epic. Why wait for the next patch, the next instance, or the next raid? Enjoy the moment you are in, make it epic.

I am not sure where I will go with this for sure. My thoughts at the moment are leaning towards trying a ten player level raid of level 10 to 12 characters for a deadmines run. Not twinks, just quest rewards and normal crafted items for their level. I have not tried it yet, but as far as I can tell the minimum level is 10 and the maximum number of players is also 10. I already have a level 11 druid sitting around, now I just need to recruit 9 victims volunteers. Then we will see how it goes.

Welcome aboard

Well this should be interesting, This will be my first attempt at trying to put a Blog together.

We will probably be seeing lots of changes coming around as I try different things.

I will be posting about many different topics. Mostly World of warcraft, but other things as well depending on what strikes my fancy. I do not pretend to be a journalist, reasearcher, or an accompished writer. I just happen to like to talk. Some of my posts may be funny, some informative, and others interesting only for their poor grammar. I have no idea where this will take us, but lets enjoy the ride.

Welcome aboard.