A new beginning

I have been leveling a Troll hunter lately in order to play with friends that are on a different server than my main. Up until recently I would grab a boar at level 10 and never look back all the way to 70. However with the recent nerfs to a boars aggro generation I started experimenting with other pets. In the process I discovered how much I like leveling with a cat.

I decided to go poking around on Petopia and found a cat I really liked the design of. It just so happens the highest level it can be tamed at is level 20, and that was in Darkshore. So after a visit to the local vendor to make sure I had a few sacks of meat Dekado, my young Troll hunter heads off on the long walk to Darkshore alone but for Vira.


Vira was a good companion and true. A young black boar that once roamed the coast west of Orgrimmar, she had now been with me for ten seasons. She was in fact the first companion I had tamed after learning how. After a long run helping me fight my way through to my new companion it was time for me to let her go. I gave her a snack to send her on her way with a full belly, then waved a reluctant good bye.

Creeping through the brush I laid a trap and started using the talents I had been taught by my trainer, speaking in a calming voice I slowly convinced the great charcoal cat that I meant no harm, that friendship would make us both far stronger than either one could ever be alone. There was a flash in her eyes as her decision was made…we were now joined as one.

Working together like a finely crafted machine we carved our way back to friendly territory. Tired and sore we made camp our in the crossroads for the night. Tomorrow we will head south to Camp Tajuro and whatever it has in store. Tonight though we rest by the fire in the great room of the inn. As the great cat naps by my side I scratch idly behind her ears, and ponder what she should be called.


My new companion


So here is where you come in. If you can think of any suggestions for Dekado please put them here, I’ll be sure to pass them on.