Engineering changes I would like to see in WotLK

As I was sitting thinking about the expansion today I began bouncing around a few ideas for changes that I would like to see to engineering. Things I figure will make it more fun and more useful at the same time. I am sure none will actually happen because I am suggesting them, my luck just kinda goes that way. They really would be nice to see though. Here are the ten I think are the most realistic to implement without unbalancing the game in any way I could see.


1. An engineering bandage machine. 10 charges applies a bandage to the target, has a separate “bandaged” timer than normal bandages. ( would be right up there with lightwell in effectiveness, but at least it wouldn’t cost me a talent point)

2. Goblin army knife, a multi tool that combines the effects of all the other tools an enginner uses but only occupies one bag slot.

3. An engineering scope with +hit, if not a new one make the old one available as a rep reward craft-able with modern mats.

4. An engineering craftable gun that actually has stats for folks who rely on their guns the most, say hunters for instance.

5. A repair bot that also functions as a portable mailbox, it would be so nice to pick up more bullets/potions/food/whatever without having to inconvenience the rest of my group by hearthing and catching a re summons.

6. An engineering craft-able land mount, available in both standard (level 40) speed and epic (level 60) speed. They would require the appropriate riding skill of course.  I am thinking of something that looks like a segway.

7. A normal walking speed craftable engineering mount available at engineering level 80. bop so it would require level 10 at least. would give absolutely no advantage at all within the game, would just look kinda neat.

8. An inscription for the engineering transponders that would enable them to function for all party members, kinda like a mage portal but limited by having only the two transport points. Would also require a reagent for each use.

9. Goblin anti tank mine, roots a tank or other siege weapon in place for 30 seconds, can only be triggered by siege weapons and tanks. charges 1, 45 second cooldown. crowd control for the new world pvp.

10. An inscription to make goblin jumper cables xl  work 100% of the time to revive the target, however there will still be a 50% chance that a malfunction will occur killing the engineer using them. This one alone would make having a hunter or rogue engineer valuable for raiding as a last ditch “living soulstone”.

These are just a few random ramblings I thought of this morning. They might be interesting, or more likely are just proof I should never blog before coffee.