Inflation, your friend

The other day I wrote a bit about inflation. At high levels your earnings potential is way up there compared to what it once was, we can only assume it will continue to be like that on into the WotLK.

Anna posted in the comments of that post a worry about how inflation has the potential to hurt low level players that don’t have a high level “sugar daddy” character to sponge off of. I thought about it a bit over the past few days and realized I might have a way out of that trap. If you understand what inflation is doing to the in game economy you can use it to help you out instead of bankrupting you.



I have started alts on several different servers. some have a high level to drop them cash and such, but most are self sufficient. I sat and thought about how my spending habits change when I don’t have a 70 handy to hit up for lunch money. What I wrote down is not really a “money making guide” per say, its just what I do when leveling solo and it works for me.

So take a look, kick the tires, and take it for a test drive. Remember, the gold you save might be your own.

How I keep my pockets full while leveling.

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