Reroll, for the end is at hand

I was sitting here doing a bit of thinking this morning. OK, maybe more than a little But I honestly did not know the only thing to drink at work this morning would be coffee. If I had known that I would not have had that 5 hour energy drink when I got up for the day.

So now that I am like buzzy the hummingbird here in my basement office I get to ponder the future of the world (of warcraft). I would ponder the future of the real world, but frankly its too depressing for this early in the morning. Save that for the afternoon news.


I like to be prepared. I want to do things in the most efficient way I can. I don’t get a whole lot of time to play, so I want to make the most of what I do. I need two things in order to make a plan. I need to know where I am and where I am going. Just like anything from going to wal-mart for this weekends chips and soda to going to the moon you need to have a plan to get there.

It looks like the next expansion is going to happen later this year, I am guessing November but then again I have just about as much special insignt into the inner workings of Blizzard then I have into unified field theory. Actually less, since I can ask questions about unifird field theory and actually get answers. I might not understand the answer, but it would be there.

With that in mind I am looking into rerolling for the expansion. Not necessarily to replace my existing characters but to give more diversity (the more you level diverse it gets). I don’t want to hit 80 on my priest, gear him up, and sit in town waiting on someone to need heals. I want a solo character as well. It will help keep my cheese fresh both now while leveling and at 80 when I can fill multiple roles by logging onto a different character.

Looking at where I am now I look a little disjointed. There is however a method to my madness. These are the main characters I am working on at the moment.


Dechion, level 70 my human holy priest and raiding main.

Dekado, level 70 my troll hunter, semi retired, runs with my in laws when they need some dps.

Drupadi, level 45 dreani hunter, planned to be my soloing main in WotLK.   

Dechion, (yes another one) level 14 dreani hunter, my “other server” alt and experimental toon.


Yes I see the trend there too. My first 70 was my troll hunter. I missed it enough that I rolled a couple more. A hunter makes a great farmer and a great raiding dps, I eventually intend to have one for each with different gear, specs, and tradeskills to support that. I also plan to bring my priest along to 80.

I do like healing, however most of the friends I run with on that server are healers, which makes grouping with them outside raids unlikely. So what does this tell me? It tells me that although I will have my priest and likely still run 10 mans with him, I also need to level and gear at least one of my dreani hunters so that I can group with friends again.

Where does this put me now? Leveling 2 characters and at very least getting them both their basic flying mount before the expansion hits should put quite enough on my plate for now. Professions? Meh, I will keep them both double gatherers for the foreseeable future. If I have not gotten my epic fliers at 70 I will farm enough cash leveling to 80 to afford it on everyone.

At least I know were I am going to go from here, so now I have a plan. Now back to the coffe pot, just a little more and I will be able to achieve flight…….