Season 4 and other hoo-ha

Much has been made of the upcoming arena season. To be quite honest, I don’t care for pvp much myself so have not been following it well enough to make any real quality comments other than this.


If you have extra gems or enchanting mats sitting in the bank today is the day to list them. Lots of folks are sitting on enough points to be picking up several pieces of their season 4 gear, and many others have been hoarding honor to pick up the season 2 that starts selling for honor today.


Lots of new epics = many folks needing new gems and enchants. If you have an enchanter or jewelcrafter today might just be a good day to sit in Shat making some cash.


Here are the season 4 links from Wowhead:

Season 4 armor sets

Season 4 weapons

Other Miscellaneous season 4 stuff


In other (more important to me since I don’t pvp) news the twisted nether blogcast has released yet another outstanding episode which you can find HERE


If that was not enough to keep you busy while you wait for the realms to come back up take a gander at the notes for the patch that is currently being tested on the PTR. There is a lot of good happening, mounts at level 30 with a training price reduced to 35g, Harris Pilton will be selling 22 slot bags in lower city for the low low price of 1200g, The cooldown has been removed from regular mooncloth, and much more.

you can check the full patch notes out HERE