It was a wipe to remember

Going in and pounding a boss flat so you can go through his pockets looking for loose change is fun. Just barely winning out, over half the group down but still getting the boss is even more fun. Going down in an ever so close 1% wipe might not be quite as fun, but it sure is memorable. The occasional craziness that happens that wipes us all like we forgot to plug in our keyboards can make you want to log out and walk away, but it’s half the reason we are here.

there can be no light without dark, no good without evil, no hot without cold.

Without something to compare the victories too they become hollow and worthless.


The stories of epic success and epic fail are many, I’ll put a few of mine here. That way as WotLK draws closer I can look back and remind myself  what I have to look forward to, why I should keep leveling alts against the coming storm.


Epic fail.

When I said that something went through your mind. A story you heard perhaps, but more likely something you were there for. The first one that popped into my head was the story of a wipe, a wipe from not really that long ago.

A  moderately well geared and experienced hunter was running karazan, back when TBC was new and it was progression content. The Morose fight was going not so well. One by one the raid members went down until all that was left were a holy priest, a resto druid in bear trying to tank, and the hunter.

Bear goes down, priest follows shortly after. Now there is one add left in a shackle, Morose with about 4% health left, and the hunter.

The hunter starts working, kiting the boss, keeping a trap up on the add that had been shackled, getting in shots when he can. At 1% with potions on cooldown, big red pet already blown, and out of mana the add finally gets loose. With no heals the pet goes down, followed shortly after by the hunter.

At one percent…….


Epic win.

A different time, a different server, a different Karazan run. Facing Prince and things are going reasonably well. Everything is clicking, the group is working together like a well oiled machine. Then a few bad infernal drops happen causing much pain to the raid.  

The tank gets Prince repositioned but the run through the infernals was costly to the raid. Enfeeble hit during the run through, coming out the other side were two priests. One holy ,one shadow, the rest of the raid did not make it through.

During what seemed like a forever fight the paladin tank and shadow priest slowly whittled away at Prince, but it was not to be. At one percent (yes again) the holy priest loses his battle with mana and the paladin goes down. Apparently Prince really liked the shadow priests perfume because she was next on the menu. Fortunately she managed to Dot up Prince before going down herself.

So here we are, nothing left but a boss at 1% and an out of mana holy priest running laps around the courtyard, dodging infernals and letting the Dot’s tick. Then from my place on the floor I see Prince pause to hit something, the priest just sicced his shadowfiend on Prince. It only lasted for a second or two but it was just enough to get off a smite.

Prince down, priest still standing.


Both of these were so close they could have went either way. Actually come to think of it the hunter probably stood a better chance solo the the priest did, but hey that’s life. Those two fights, along with many more, stick in my head because they were so close.

Win or lose, it’s the challenge that keeps it fun.