Pug and pray

I will start this off saying that I rarely get much time for instance running. I have been putting all my time lately into leveling one of the two new hunters I am bringing up. That really has not left much time for other things. However I try to set Friday evenings aside to run an instance or two. For the last 6 weeks i have managed to find a pug Kara run every Friday night. A surprising thing happened when I decided to start pugging, I started having fun.


The first week I picked up a group on a lark, they were clearing to shade and had lost a healer. I figured my efforts trying to get a heroic mech together were not happening so I went in as a replacement. We cleared the remainder of the instance with only one or two wipes.


The next week I came on earlier, planning to try to get in a pug from the start and hope it went well. I found a group and about four hours later was porting back to Shattrah leaving only Netherspite standing. It is really hard to coordinate the beams without vent. A good, smooth run overall though. 


The third week I picked up a group that included someone from the previous week. We used the vent of one of the players and that helped loads. We ended the evening with a full clear (my first) And I ended up with my tier 4 glove token, finally replacing the level 60 blue I had been wearing since blood furnace.


The week that followed I found a group that was forming for Kara, but we decided to roll into a pug Gruul’s lair run that was forming. About ten wipes later we managed to clear Gruul’s as a pug. There was A bit of loot drama at the end with the master looter taking a trinket he had lost the roll for, he blamed it on a d/c while looting it to the correct recipient. They both said they were putting in tickets, I wonder how it came out.


Last week was another Kara pug, this time not so smooth. Many folks would come in, do a boss or two, than leave. I think we spent about 1/3 of our time 9 manning the trash while looking for replacements. Never managed Netherspite and with most of us ready to call it after 5 hours we took two shots at prince, both unsuccessful, then called it a night.


This week was great, I ended up with several folks added to my friends list for future Friday adventures, however shortly after curator the MT’s real life trinket procced and he had to log to take care of family issues. We took a vote before he logged and it was decided to continue the run Saturday night as opposed to filling his spot. I unfortunately was unable to make it Saturday, I’ll have to ask how they did when I log in tonight.


What does all this show me? In the last six weeks I have pugged six raid instances. I had a good time every single time. Sure there has been some loot drama, some issues with finding replacements, even some coordination issues causing wipes. Overall it has been a really good experience though. The experiment may be over, but I find myself already looking forward to next Friday, and the pug I see in my future.

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