You will PVP and you will like it mister!

As I was reading through the mountain of information that Blizzard came out with this past weekend at the Worldwide Invitational one little blurb Really stood out as something that will have long term effects in the game I choose to play.

“PvE elements are being added to this PvP Zone, for example the equivalent of Elemental Plateau in Outland is in Lake Wintergrasp” 

What the hell are they thinking? I know they are trying to make a deathmatch e-sport out of Wow, but why in the world would they make a decision like this? At what rum soaked friday meeting did they come up with the Idea to put the primary farming area for the PVE players in a contested zone?

If I want to PVP I have many opportunities to do so. I could join a battleground que. I could join an arena team and go play deathmatch. I could go to any of the many PVP world objectives and flag myself. Once WotLK hits I could simply go to Lake Wintergrasp and play in the contested zone.

I like the idea of a dedicated PVP zone even on PVE servers, I really do. I plan on having a good bit of fun there. My point is I don’t want to be forced into PVP when I am not in the mood for it. If I wanted that I would have stayed on the PVP server I originally started on instead of transferring to the care bear server I am on now.

/rant off