When you are talking about Johnny from down the road that you went to high school with, or Mary from the cubicle next to yours, even Willie from the service that you have not seen in a decade and you call them friends everyone knows what you are talking about. Society seems to say you can be friends with folks you rarely speak with and in some cases would not even invite to your home. There are people that go out of their way to set up pen-pals, friends who my never meet, and that’s OK.


Try explaining to someone who does not spend much time on-line how you can be friends with people you have met through playing a video game and wait for the blank stares. Why is it that people simply can’t understand that you can in fact become friends just chatting. Sitting up late, just hanging out in vent or typing back and forth. The Internet is a wonderful place, I have gotten to meet lots of interesting people I would likely never have met without it. The only downside is that while the earth has shrunk in terms of communication it is still a pretty big place as far as actually getting somewhere goes.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say, lets raid (insert instance here) tonight and then all get together for lunch tomorrow? How about getting a whole guild together for a cookout? In a few rare cases it might be able to happen, but most guilds are made up of folks from all over.


One of those friends of mine I have known for a couple of years. She has been my raid leader, guild master, and seemingly bottomless pit of little bits of knowledge about the wonderful game we play. Yesterday she also decided to join the ranks of those who blog about warcraft. Stop by and check it out,  tell her Dechion sent you =)

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  1. Through a strange and wonderful twist of fortune, I’m going to get to take a trip to a Raid/Guild/Server barbecue next weekend. I can’t wait to meet these friends face to face, and connect their voices with real people. Very excited!

  2. Aww, Decado ^.^
    It doesnt matter that we’re a world apart or the age barrier or any of that. We’re friends! Friends are people who like to hang out together and share common intrests! We have both those albiet the internet. Someday I’ll be more accessible and we’ll have that BBQ. We will! Even if it kills me. I appreciate the shoutout, too! I may have once been a guild leader and such, but you’ve developed your awesome skills for yourself, and my influence was only providing you the places to build your own knowledge. I wish I could I claim I taught ya all that you know 😛 But it’s just not true. Keep it up!

  3. Heehee… my boyfriend and I met online and have been dating for four years now. Imagine the looks I get from that one! =P

  4. Yer I find it strange that people will accept:
    – people they haven’t seen for 20 years (who did the dirty on the last time seen);
    – Friends that have gone overseas.. for years.. without contact;
    – Work “mates”, who they never socialise with – never talk about anything a aprt from work talk;
    – In some cases family members (ok disfunctional family here)

    Yet can’t accept that you are friends with someone you spend 3-30 hours a week with online (particuarly in- a game) as friends.

  5. @Pike oddly enough my brother and his wife met playing Diablo…. go figure =)

  6. I met a couple of guildies once. It was very special. For the first half hour it felt weired. It was like the brain had some trouble figuring it all out. The voices were so familiar – but not the shape of their bodies. How had that little gnome suddenly grew into a full scale human? Hard to describe. But when we came over the first confusion it was just great! It was like we had knewn each other for ages. Just like any other kind of friend. Which isn’t strange after all, we spend huge amounts of time together – more time than we spend with many of our relatives and non-gaming friends.

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