What to do, what to do…..

Last night I dinged 56 on my shiny new hunter (ya me) and I am starting to bounce her future around in my head.

On one hand I can see heading out to Hellfire at 58 to start questing there. The rewards are a huge upgrade, the quests give over twice as much experience, and the random drops will DE into better materials.

On the other hand if i wait till 60 or later I will have an easier time on the outlands quests. I would also have lots more quests I could do for cash at 70. Admittedly not as much of an issue with the variety of dailies available now.

I am a bit undecided, what do you folks think?

6 Responses

  1. Ya know I’m going through the same predicament at the moment with my 57 lock… do I keep her questing in azeroth til 60? Or go straight to outlands… it’s hard to choose!

    I think I’ll stick around as long as I can in Az, just cause I can, and I’m using a leveling guide which doesn’t start HFP til level 60… Lets see how long that lasts eh? 😉

  2. I think the dailies make the “save quests for 70” strategy pointless. I say go to Outland at 58 and start getting the phat quest lewts. It’ll be tough for a day or two, but definitelies worth it.

  3. With my druid I waited until I was 60 to go to Outland. There were more than enough quests to keep me going in Azeroth. Once in Outlands I ran Ramparts/BF until I was honoured with HH before I started doing quests. In between time I was grinding demon pigs for leather. Once I started doings quests they were pretty easy and I ripped through them. I dinged 70 in Blades Edge and got a nice wad of chash from quests in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley.

  4. I tried to hang around old world as long as possible, but I ended up just finding it such a grind. Maybe the new quest bonus changes that, But I just found it was harder to kill the mobs in Old world and for such relatively low experience not a good use of my time.

    Of course I must have missed out on a bit of that old world flavour with the toon, but it was much more rewarding for me to keep the character advancing.. and yeah I think the dailies change the “cash cap” that used to exist.

  5. I’d go at 58, any earlier and you wont be able to complete much on your own. It’s pointless as stated above by others to wait anymore with the addition of dailies. Personally if you can help it though, I wouldn’t turn in any quests. Do Ramparts until you hit honored, then turn in quests. It shortens your rep grind by a lot once you get to 70. Same thing with CE. Buy or collect plant parts on an alt. Turn em all in until you hit honored. You’ll also get an “Uncatorgized Plant” that you shouldnt turn in till you hit honored either. Again, it makes the rep grind that much faster on the back end of things.

  6. With my Prot Pally I was able to do instances for the most part from 60-70 think I barley started the nagrand quests. So if you like to grp I would say go to Outlands as soon as possible. If you like to solo stay in old world and use the “easy” questing in the outlands to make the final leg of the journey easier.

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