Raid consumables

Todays post is devoted to a sorely neglected topic, raid consumables.

No, I am not talking about the healers having a couple stacks of golden fish sticks to go with their assorted potions and elixirs. Nor Am I talking about scrolls, flasks, candles, or symbols of kings. I am not even talking about repairing your gear and making sure you have arrows and food for your pet.

I am talking about real raid consumables. Things you must have on hand well before the first pull, because if you don’t you will feel the absence all night long. Now every different class and spec will have their own recommended consumables, and even then there is much room for debate from player to player.

For instance if I am raiding with my priest I know I need at least 2 red bulls on standby. Nachos are pretty much out of the question because I don’t want cheese on the mouse, same goes for Cheetos and to a lesser extent Doritos’s. Diet mountain dew is also mandatory, but if I have not been to the vendor recently I may have to settle for diet Pepsi. If it will be a pug I need the extra +easygoing so I will also grab some rum to mix with the soda.

Speaking of mixing, beer is like a flask in that nothing really mixes well with it. Hard stuff is more like an elixir in that you can have it and a soda going at the same time, and you can mix and match. Red bull obviously is not on a shared cooldown, but I digress.

If I am on my hunter unless I am doing lots of trapping I don’t use the mouse nearly as much as I do on my priest. Most of my targeting is done with assist macros, everything is keybound in convenient locations, in short my hands are not quite a busy. This leaves open the possibility for better consumables, ones that can be one handed effectively, yet set down quickly if needed. Hot pockets come to mind, as do chicken nuggets. The liquid consumables are similar, but lean more towards diet pepsi and 5 hour energy shots for the hunter class.

Next time you are planning your raid night remember to pick up consumables for you RL avatar before you sit down, the raid will go much smoother. Speaking of which Kara resets tonight I need to stop on the way home for some red bull and chex mix……

5 Responses

  1. Heck, if you are playing a hunter you can setup this macro and enjoy steak, baked potato and corn on the cob if so inclined.

    /yell DPS more nubs!!!
    /afk eating food, all autoshot all the time.

  2. I will generally just have a can of pop near to hand, and a box or bag of some sort of snack open on my desk. Gummy worms or some other chewy sort of food are also a great thing to have, as I find that eating them gives me a good outlet for any nervous energy I have left over after mashing my shot rotation macro intently for 5-10 minutes 🙂

  3. LOL nice post. I have to lean to agree with you. Except I prefer Amp.

  4. can you give the x,y of your vendors.. I am chasing around in game and can’t get any of that stuff… I can’t even conjure it up…

  5. A glass of orange juice and a banana, 1.5-2 hours into the raid, pereferably in a pause after a boss kill. It’s a veritable mana injection and keeps me going for the rest of the night.

    If you need both hands I guess it could be mixed into a smoothy and inhalated by a straw or something…

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