New lessons

It has been a long while since the first days of my Wow career. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 to 3 years, I could go do the math but it’s close enough for the moment.

You see, when I first started I ran a pug, before I even new what a pug was I already knew I did not like them. I won’t rehash the whole thing today, if you missed it the first time you can check it out Here.

Well, over the last couple of months my raid schedule has been a bit off. The guild I had been in folded and I found myself briefly without a raiding guild. I moved to a new guild with a group of friends I have been gaming with for quite some time. Once again I digress, you can read all about the guild coming apart Here, and Altoholic Mom has written about where we found ourselves Here.

The last several weeks I have been coming online on Dechion, my priest, on Friday evenings looking to run Kara for fun, badges, and loot. Friday is my guilds off night, but ironically the one night I am actually free to do something. Against all my better judgements I decided to start pugging.

I expected asshats, and while I did find a few they were by far the exception, not the rule.

I expected to find ninja’s and loot problems galore without a dkp system to divide up the loot. Did I run into it? yes I did. Was it common? No. Out of about 8 weeks of pugging there has been 1 and only 1 time where something came up that was not solved with a quick /roll.

I expected it to be painful, instead it has been one of the most fun times I have had. It is amazing how much different it feels when you are more interested in having a good time than seeing what drops.

Last nights pug was an interesting set up. We started with 2 priests, 2 hunters, 2 druids, a mage, a warlock, a rogue, and a warrior. Everyone knew their class and played it well. We got into vent, started going, and just hammered through the place. Morose went down faster than I have ever seen. 2 adds shackled, 1 add chain trapped by the two hunters, everyone else just burning the boss down. The fight lasted under 2 minutes.

Did we wipe? Yes we did. 5 or 6 times total as I recall. Did we finish? Almost. We left the place after 3 and a half hours with nothing but netherspite and nightbane standing. We could likely have gotten them too but one of our priests (me, oddly enough) had to log.

Overall it was a really enjoyable evening. Wipes or not, badges or not, weather the loot was with you or not. We had fun, and that’s what its all about.