Let the grinding begin!

Once again I caught myself planning. I really try to avoid it but sometimes I just can’t help myself.



Drupadi hit 61 this weekend. She is growing up fast so I need to have a sense of whee she needs to go from here. I finished up Hellfire already and started into Zangermarsh. If I want my Cenerion Expedition rep to be as painless as possible it seems the best way to do that is to grind out (or purchase) 360 unidentified plant parts for the repeatable turn in quest “Identify plant parts“. This will get me to honored before ever starting the quest lines.  Since I am only looking at revered as my goal I should be able to finish that off through quests long before I hit 70.

Since I am also planning on getting the epic flier for this character and the drop rate seems to be about 25% for just about any mob in Zanger I decided to farm in the dead mire. I chose this for several reasons, each kill gives 15 rep with sporregar, each one gives 550 xp at my current level, I am a skinner and an herbalist so every mob there can be looted twice. I should have to farm my way through about 1450 mobs to get all the rep items I need. Also with about a 20% drop rate on motes of life I should in theory farm up about 29 primal life in this time also.

All in all it should be a pleasant diversion from running around questing. I will likely take another break from questing to grind out marks of seragras later on as well, but that is a problem for another day. At least I already know what I will be doing today when I get home, and for a few days after as well.


Let the grinding begin…….