We interupt this grind to bring you the following announcement

Huh, morning. Stupid alarm clock, how can it be morning already…

afk, 2 min……

kk, back…… MMMmmmmm…. Coffee good….Brain booting up now….

Ok, that’s better

Well, I was playing Wow (yea, go figure, me online, playing Wow) last night and I was pushing towards the goal I talked about in my last post. I wanted to get my cenerion expedition rep all the way to revered without ever setting foot in an instance. Ya, I know just go run steamvaults a time or two right? well, I wanted to be difficult. So I decided to farm up unidentified plant parts for the repeatable rep quest, getting enough to get all the way to honored before I ever did a quest. Well, its done now and I figured I would share the results.

After about 6 hours spread over 2 days I managed to get the following out of my grind session:

Almost a whole level of XP (I am 62 now)

Skinning and Herbalisim both maxed at 375 (while still level 61)

Honored with Cenerion expedition

A bit over half way from friendly to honored with Sporregar just from Bog lord kills at 15 rep each

360 Unidentified plant parts

98 Bog lord tentacles

14 random green drops

19 primal life (with 8 motes left over)

3 stacks of knothide leather

400 – 500g worth of various herbs, depending on how they go in the AH

and enough grey vendor junk to pay for food, repairs, training, and leave me with about 50g more than I started with.

It was really incredible how good a money maker herbing is, if I would have known I would have taken it on other characters and made my mount money this way. As it is I am kind of excited that I have most of my 1000g for my basic flyer already in the bank. At the rate I am going by the time I hit 70 I may even have the full 6000g to go straight to epic flight, if not I will likely be close to it.