Just Wrong

There was a time not so very long ago that I was sure I would be leveling my priest forever. I was not looking forward to which raid I would be able to complete before the expansion, I was still wondering if I would ever see 70.

Two years ago a friend introduced me to Wow. After looking over the class descriptions I decided to roll a druid. My friends were level 60’s and back then that was more than a bump in the road. I learned a lot, but wondered how long it would take me to catch up. It turns out that with that character I never did.

We chose to re-roll on a new server, starting over yet staying Horde. It made no real sense to pay to transfer a mid 30’s druid over, so I just rerolled. My first hunter was born. It seemed like forever while I played catch up. I listened in on raids, lurking in vent. I was sure I would never see the inside of Zul’Gerub much less places like Molten core or Blackwing lair.

I was wrong.

We cleared Zul’Gerub, Molten core, Onixya, and worked on Blackwing lair. We worked Karazan into the mix and were having a grand old time. Places I never thought I would get to see the inside of I was running nearly every week. It was great.

After a time the group I had run with for over a year decided to see things from the other side. We rerolled alliance. I decided this time on a priest thinking to myself “you can never have too many healers”. As usual with my somewhat limited playtime I ended up playing catch up. I once again listened in as my friends dove deeper into Kara than we ever had before. Finally getting their first full clear about a week before I hit 70 for the second time.

After nearly a year I thought to myself “Wow, I hope to finaly see the end of Kara for myself”. I never had any thoughts of getting further. 25 man raids were something I read about in blogs not something I would ever do.

I was wrong.

First High king Mulgar, then the mighty Gruul himself went down before our team. Magtheridon fared a bit better but soon met his demise as well. The bosses went down before us, the epics dropped like shiny purple candy from the mighty loot pinatas we were breaking open. Heady with our successes we decided to venture into SSC and have a go at the next challenge. we started off as strong as ever, Lurker down, working on Hydross and Tidewalker. I knew it was only a matter of time before we cleared this place out as well.

I was wrong.

Over a period of a few weeks the guild that had fared so well simply disintegrated before my eyes. We went from working on SSC to working to try and put a 10 man together. The guild coughed, sputtered, and died. Cast adrift I fell back to the small group of friends that had run together with for so long. Then the leader of our little group of refugees (she will never admit it but she is a leader by nature, she just can’t help it) found us a new home.

I am still settling into the new guild. Running a bit on my priest when a spot of healing is needed, but mostly working on leveling a new hunter. I found I really missed it when we came over from Horde side and wanted to have one again. Now once again I am playing catch up, listening in encounters I am not yet ready for and thinking I will likely never see them.

Will I see them before Wrath of the Litch King hits? Will I go back to them after? Will I see the last 10 man in Wrath? The final boss of the final 25 man go down? Will I even finish leveling both the priest and hunter to 80?

Where do I see myself in 6 months? 6 months, I don’t even know for sure whats for lunch today! I could try to predict where I would be and what I would be doing, but you know something?

I would be wrong.