Drupadi needs a new pair of shoes

Drupadi has been working hard, questing away hither and yon, helping those in need and such.

Well I think she deserves something nice for all her effort so I decided to take her shopping for some new threads. Now I don’t ask too many questions ‘cuse she tends to get riled up when she does not have a snappy answer, so I don’t actually know why she is so interested in shoes. What with her having hooves and all, but hey whatever. I’ll just go find some for her to try on, and we will see what comes of it.

After a bit of poking around here is what I am looking at that fits the bill, questables first.

Boots of the skybreaker

  • 404 armor
  • 22 stamina
  • 16 agility
  • 15 intellect
  • 48 ranged attack power

These are awarded from the quest Enraged spirits of air in Shadowmoon Valley. The quest is solo-able, but it is also part 4 in a series. Besides the fact that the quest is not available until level 68 I am kind of leaning away from these because there are better boots availible earlier.


Duro Footgear

  • 394 armor
  • 23 agility
  • 15 intellect
  • 46 ranged attack power
  • 9 Mana per 5

Awarded from the quest Rightful repossession in Netherstorm these boots provide more agility than the skybreaker boots and also some mana regen which is always nice to have around. They do lose a bit of stamina to get there however. Available at level 67 these come from a short series of 3 quests that are easily solo-able. An overall good choice for adventuring, however they do lose a few points for looking like rodeo clown boots.


Protectors Boots

  • 363 armor
  • 15 agility
  • 10 intellect
  • 52 ranged attack power

Awarded from the quest Protecting our own in Blades edge mountains these boots provide the most raw ranged attack power of all the boots I am looking at. However they also provide the least agility and really don’t bring much more to the table. Available as low as 65 these are also on part 3 of an easily solo-able quest series. I think I will pass on these, although I might grab the shoulders from the quest just for leveling purposes (they are leather, but the stats are decent)


Fleet refugee’s boots

  • 353 armor
  • 18 agility
  • 17 hit rating
  • 36 ranged attack power

Awarded from the quest Helping the lost find thier way in Terokkar these are the only pre-raiding mail boots to have hit rating on them. that coupled with the fact that the 2 part quest line for these opens up at level 63 tells me I will have a pair of these in the bank. My second choice after the Duro footgear, but available much earlier.


Now for the few available bind on equip boots I will be on the lookout for. Both are randomly enchanted drops that may or may not show up in the auction house. While maybe not the best choice in footwear they will get the job done, and look good doing it.

Abyssal mail greaves (usable at level 68 )

of the bandit

  • 426 armor
  • 24 agility
  • 36 stamina
  • 48 attack power

of the falcon

  • 426 armor
  • 30 agility
  • 30 intellect

of the monkey

  • 426 armor
  • 30 agility
  • 46 stamina


Netherstorm greaves (usable at level 70)

of the bandit

  • 424 armor
  • 22 agility
  • 33 stamina
  • 44 ranged attack power

of the falcon

  • 424 armor
  • 27 agility
  • 27 intellect

of the monkey

  • 424 armor
  • 27 agility
  • 42 stamina


Overall I think I will pick up the Fleet refugees boots while leveling and grab the Duro footgear when I get to 68 or so. At least I know there are some boots out there if I am just willing to do some shopping.

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  1. I remember when Asara was between 65 and 70, I searched hither and yon for a full set of Skettis armor of the Bandit. I got it all eventually too. What I liked about it, besides the stats, was that every piece was purple. 😀 Good luck to Drupadi!

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