Wrath of the List King

I understand that the game will still be there after Wrath hits. What is it about the coming expansion that makes me want to make lists of things to do? I am not the only one either, my list is just different than yours or anyone elses. You have a list too, even if it’s not on paper.

Some folks want to get to a certain arena rating. Not really my thing, but I can see the season 4 gear helping out in the leveling process.

Some want to see the end of the Sunwell, Black temple, Karazan, whatever raid is the one that they have not quite conquered yet. Once again not really my thing. I have been forced away from raiding long enough to start not missing it anymore.

Some are desperately trying to get the titles that will no longer be available once Wrath launches. I can see the draw here. It is actually something you could carry with you to Northrend and something you can’t go back and do later.

One person I talked to decided he wanted to get exalted with every outlands faction. Once again, not for me. Rep grinds are called grinds for a reason. I will get the rep I need for things I need but once that’s done if I get rep it will be an accident.

Many people are talking about stockpiling crafting supplies, gold,  and other such things. To some extent I will do some of this as well (Gaah, I just started another list!) but it will be mostly in passing. Perhaps save a few stacks of netherweave I would normally have dropped in the AH to level first aid a bit. Maybe save a few scrolls I would have sold as well, that kind of thing.

A couple of people I talk to are trying repeatedly for the Bear mount from Zul’Aman. Not really my thing, personally I think they are ugly and bulky. I despise my Draeni’s elephant for just that reason.

One friend of mine has even said she would like to try to hit the gold cap on one of her characters. I honestly don’t know if she was serious, but if she sets her mind to it I know it will happen. Now I won’t say having a pile of gold would not be nice, but I will say I don’t have the time to earn it before Wrath hits.

My list is short, kind of like the amount of time I have to play on a given day.

  1. Finish leveling Drupadi to 70. (She should hit 67 today)
  2. Get Drupadi’s rep with Cenerion Expedition and Shattered Sun Offensive to revered.
  3. Gather enough gold to purchase epic flyers for both Drupadi and Dechion.
  4. If Wrath has not hit at this point start grinding rep with the Wintersaber Trainers to replace Drupadi’s elephant with something I like.
  5. If I accomplish all this and Wrath has not hit, Pug till it does.

I think that pretty much covers my plans for the next couple of months till Wrath goes live.

It may be a short list, but it’s still a list.

3 Responses

  1. I was just thinking yesterday about hoarding cash.. or more to the point about busting a gut to get it before WoLK.

    Remember Pre-BC.. gold was sooo hard to come by, you would grind all week to pay your repair bills.

    The BC came out, and people were falling over gold.. it was just lying around in the streets in little puddles.

    Then the Dailies came.. “You want a bucket of gold with that quest?”

    Now I see that teleport Dalaran ring is worth 8,000… my guess is that 8,000 is going to be the equivalent of today’s 1,000.

    So, while I am going to continue to generate gold, I am not going to become a slave to it.

  2. Methinks thou art being wise.

    I started to get caught up in that as well. Even looking back at my “short list” I begin to wonder if getting epic flyers for both characters will be worth it at this point. Actually thinking back I even wrote a post about how inflation has and will continue to devalue fixed price items like the epic flight skill. I am now thinking epic flight for Drupadi only, and that only because she is my gatherer/farmer.

    Apparently I need to listen to myself more often =)

  3. […] At the beginning of the month I was still leveling Drupadi the hunter. She did not have her flying mount yet, much less her epic flyer. She was under geared and generally unprepared. I sat down then and made a list of what I wanted to accomplish before WotLK hits. Oddly enough What I am shooting for has changed since I wrote the article Here. […]

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