My crystal ball has a crack in it…

So there I was, stranded in an otherwise empty office. It’s Saturday (although you are probably going to be reading this Monday at my normal posting time) and I have been tasked with waiting for something to break. You see I work in maintenance. All week I tinker with my machines, do little chores on them, and fine tune them. All of this is set up knowing that my backup will be in on the weekend and all I want him to have to do is fix things if they actually break.

What does this have to do with Warcraft you ask? Well, I would have to say plenty. You see this week my backup is on vacation so I am here today as well. I apparently did my job a bit too well this week, Five hours into my shift I have yet to receive a single call out to the machines, they just are not breaking today. Not a bad thing, but it gives me alot of time to think.

So here I am pacing around an office that is so quiet I can literally hear the coffee brewing and thinking about where I see myself in the coming months of Warcraft. Where will I be in six months? who knows. Where will I be later this weekend? With any luck I will see 68 on Drupadi the hunter. That and possibly have some BBQ over at a friend of mines house as well. That’s about the extent of my planning right now. It’s 10 am and I still don’t know what’s for lunch.



Looking far into the future is not working, I start wondering what I will be doing when the expansion hits. Thinking about it, I came up with a number of different things that might be worth doing. I just wonder what I will end up doing first.

Will I park at the docks so I can grab the first boat to Northrend? I can see myself piling off the boat into a fresh landscape. Going exploring, grabbing quests and flight points. I can see myself fighting over the rights to kill the next Borean Boar or whatever is called for to gather the 27 gall bladders, or spleens, or whatever, for the quest turn in. I picture it kind of like the elemental plateau in Negrand, only with people who are not as polite.

Will I skip questing and just make a run for as many flight points as possible, knowing I will need them all eventually anyway? Or maybe go a zone or two into the continent and start grinding crafting materials? Elune knows leveling my enchanting and tailoring is going to come dear in farming mats, should I get started right away?

Or maybe I will bring Dechion the priest instead of Drupadi the huntress and just camp out by the first group of instances. Lots of folks will want to go, and people are always looking for healers. Better gear that way, and easier rep with quests later. Definitely something to put in the “possibly” pile of ideas.

Come to think of it the all the chaos of learning a new area compounded by having half the population of my server competing for the same resources and quest mobs leads me to what I think I will actually do. I will go around and hit all my profession and secondary skill trainers to learn Grand master skill levels, grab a few flight points along the way, and then find a nice secluded place to chill out.

There the busy little ants will level on past me. The farmers will slaughter the local wildlife till the server cries out in pain. The herbalists will herb, the miners will mine, the skinners will skin, and the questers will quest. In the middle of all this insanity I see myself sitting quietly beside a lake, umbrella over my head, calmly watching the world go by, Fishing.


5 Responses

  1. That sounds pretty cool actually. I haven’t experienced any expansion yet, being a TBC-starting player. And I’m a bit frightened about what to expect. I mean… the introduction of the Sunwell Island was quite a pain when it came to lag… And the crowd… not really a pleasure. But other’s told me that it was nothing in comparsion to the introduction of TBC…

    I hope you’ll find a quiet corner. If you weren’t on a US server I could definitly join you when things will go to crazy.

  2. pulled into a raid again last night… I could have said no.

  3. Tbh I never know what I am gona do when I log on. Sometimes I just jump about in Ironforge, others I will raid, others arena etc. I find it to be relaxing not knowing whats gona happen.
    samownall – World of Warcraft Blogger

  4. I think I am going to find a quite non-internet connected part of the real world for the 1st couple of months…

    Ohh hang on, that’s what’s going to happen anyway….

  5. I really like how you approached this blog post. What a good read! Definitely an addition to the blogroll. 😀

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