The plan

It’s good to have a plan.



This past weekend I finally hit level 70 on my third character. There was much celebrating and dancing, adult beverages may have been present, I can’t really vouch for that. I flew off to the bank and gathered up the gear that had been sitting there waiting for me. Not doing too bad gear wise, many quest rewards, a few BOE’s and crafted pieces, and several pieces of “of the bandit” greens from the auction house. Oddly enough I am geared comparable to the other hunter I have raided with in the past and he is in 4/5 beastlords with a couple of low end epics as well.

That is the beauty of having a plan. I took the time to plan what to shop for, quest for, and grind mats for. All so that once I hit 70 I could focus on the next phase of the game. In this case that involves farming up epic mounts for both the hunter and the priest before the expansion. So why do I find myself looking over gear lists and the “who drops what” list I used to plan which instances I wanted to go through?

Am I just greedy? Am I a bit too fixated on gear? I have the gear right nowto solo some group quests. I can blow through my dailies and hold my own if I get adds while herbing. I am geared well enough to go into any 5 man in outlands and be able to do my job. I could likely hold my own for the first half of Kara as well. Although I never intended to raid with this character, I find myself looking at what drops “just around the next bend” and wondering weather I should be going there.

I can have my epic flier fro the hunter pretty quickly if I put my mind to it, within a few weeks at most. As a healer the priest is rarely outside of a city unless he is running an instance. For preplanned raids I usually gear him up and park him at the stone a few hours in advance, for quick pick up runs I can either head there on my basic flier or catch a summons. Not really and issue with speed there. Having the epic flier on my farming character will simply make farming faster. Perhaps I only really need the one….

I know that the gear will be replaced, gear always is. I know there is an expansion looming and most everything I gather other than mounts and pets will be replaced soon. That somehow does not matter, Drupadi has come a long way from the wreck of the Exodar all the way to the outlands. With Shadow by her side she has run the race that many start but few finish. She has made the level cap as someones favorite character.

I think somehow she has earned a peek inside a few of the dungeons of outlands, before she moves on to Northrend and new challenges. Perhaps today instead of just going out farming herbs and skins I will take an afternoon off and go find a nice dungeon to crawl through. It might not be in the plan, but it somehow feels right.