What lies beneath


This week I have had a bit of a project going on IRL that has kept me both busy and tired. Several months ago I noticed that the rather heavy weight of snow from the previous year had caused my front porch to settle and shift a bit. When spring found it’s way to my little corner of the world I crawled up underneath to check the structure and foundation in that area. What did I find?

There was no concrete footing under my porch. None, nothing, it was wood sitting on dirt. Worse was that, checking showed me that it was designed into the house as a load bearing wall. Not only was my porch settleing it was putting extra strain on everything else in the house. My first thought was to get angry. After all I paid good money for the house, I paid a home inspector to check it for problems, I looked at it from a lot of angles. It looked great on the outside. Who would have suspected that something like part of the foundation would be missing?

After my ranting and complaining about how this was unfair, cursing and blaming the folks who rebuilt the porch for taking “the easy way out” I did what I always do. I sat and thought about how to fix the problem.

In this case it turned out to be putting in concrete footings under each of 5 posts that hold everything up. So for the next week or two I climbed under the porch and dug holes. Each as big around as a basketball, four feet deep, and each filled with over 500Lbs of concrete. The last one was poured full of hand mixed concrete late last night. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the concrete to cure and I can install the new beams to make everything solid again. It will look as good on the inside as it does from the street.

What the Hell does any of this have to do with warcraft?

Other than the fact that it has kicked my playtime square in the privates (with large cement covered boots) it has given me lots of time to think about things. When I work and think about things I often think about Warcraft and how to make it better. I might be figuring out a different use for one of my hunters traps (like pulling something I plan to kite through a snake trap for the slowing effect and damage instead of just the slowing effect of a frost trap) or perhaps thinking of a different way to approach an instance I have been having problems with. Perhaps I am just making a list in my head of things to do when I do have a chance to log in.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the new recruit a friend program and how it effects not only me but others as well. I know I posted about this once already but the comments got me thinking about why it really bothers me.



I am worried about the foundation.

I am worried that if someone doesn’t get in there and fix the real problems with leveling instead of glossing over it with something shiny the whole thing might collapse.

I am not so much concerned with the program but about what decisions behind the scenes caused it.

I am worried that even though it looks great from the street something is wrong were a person can’t see it.

Wrong in a way I don’t have the ability to fix.

That’s what bothers me.