A bit off topic

Just as a forewarning  this post has little if anything to do with the World of Warcraft. I have a couple of posts brewing in the still out back, but nothing is done at the moment.

Just remember “we will serve no post before it’s time”



One thing I do have going on however is a bit of art work. I have had an Idea in my head for a good long time about A tattoo I wanted to get done. I never found the right combination of the time to do it, an artist I trusted to do it right, and the cash to pay for it all at the same time.

Until about 10 days ago.

A good friend of mine managed to take the image I have had running around in my head for years and turn it into the piece of art I have been waiting for. So after years of waiting and a few hours of tattooing I finally had it done.

To avoid the risk of offending anyone who came here for Warcraft commentary and not pictures of body art I will put the photo of it behind a link. If you are curious, or if you are one of the folks I told I would post it, here you go. (yes it is safe for work)

Dechion’s Wolf

Yes I understand this is off topic, but heck its my blog right =)

And now back out to the still, I gotta check and see if any of my relevant posts are done fermenting.