Shh, I’m not really here

Shhh, be quiet.

Dechion is sleeping right now and we would not want to wake him, now would we. You see due to the way everything fell together this week he has only managed to catch 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night. Yep that’s right, if you add it all up he has gotten about 2 days worth of sleep in the last 5 nights. He kinda nodded off at the computer trying to come up with something to say. Well I don’t plan to wake him unless the house is on fire so your just stuck with me, his subconscious.



This is really my blog anyway. I come up with all the ideas I figure its high time I get some of the credit. So for starters I have a few ideas for amusing aspects of the game that he won’t let me blog about. “People don’t care about your ridiculous ideas” he says. Well, he’s not around to stop me right now.

  • Let tailors make dye. Not to change the colors of armor and such (although that would be sweet) let it change the color of the bags in my inventory. I would love to be able to color code my storage.
  • I have said this one before, but it’s worth repeating. engineering Jumper cables should always work. The random attached to them should be a chance to kill the engineer using them.
  • While I am talking about engineering, it would seem to make sense that they could repair buildings and/or siege engines that have taken damage but are not fully destroyed.

While I am rambling on about professions, I have a few thoughts on inscription. It is rumored that there will be inscription slots just for “vanity” inscriptions. Some examples were changing the color of a warlocks fire and the skins used by druids in some of their forms. Well I have a few thoughts on this as well.

  • “good humor” causes the mage spell Ice Block to appear as a giant fudgecicle instead of a clear block of ice.
  • “travel o’city” causes a shamans totem to appear as glowing garden gnomes.
  • “killing with kindness” causes the various shadow based spells thrown by the caster to shoot glowing yellow smiley faces instead of glowing purple skulls.
  • “ventriloquist” causes all chat to come from the persons pet/minion instead of the character.

Ah! someone chuckled, now he is waking up. I have to get going for now but I have one final thought to leave you with before he gets back.

If the Tauren are basically two legged self aware cows, why are all of their cities and towns made of big leather tents? Whats going on with that?


Thunder bluff image courtsy of wowhead

Thunder bluff image courtsy of wowhead