The more things change, the more they stay the same

It can be pretty interesting looking back at where I thought I was going and comparing it to where I have ended up.



At the beginning of the month I was still leveling Drupadi the hunter. She did not have her flying mount yet, much less her epic flyer. She was under geared and generally unprepared. I sat down then and made a list of what I wanted to accomplish before WotLK hits. Oddly enough What I am shooting for has changed since I wrote the article Here.

I have made level 70, so that is done.

I have gotten to revered with both the Cenerion Expedition and with the Shattered Sun Offensive.

I decided that epic flight for my holy priest was not a priority right now, I will get the gold for that as I level both toons to 80.

I have the money sitting on Drupadi for the epic flight skill and epic flying mount, I just need to head out to Shadowmoon and pick it up later today (screenshots to follow tomorrow)

I have given lots of thought to an epic ground mount to replace my Elephant.

  • The wintersaber frostsaber is really nice. I don’t mind doing the grinding, so possibly.
  • I actually sent out a “recruit-a-friend” for my 18 year old daughter who has decided to get back into playing, so I will have a zhevera if I want it.
  • I also started my Kara quest line (all I need at this point are the instance runs, nobody wants to run Shadow Labs) I am pretty confident that at level 80 I will be able to drag a friend into Kara once a week to duo the first boss hoping for midnight to drop. I already have it on my priest and would love it on the hunter as well.

Other than that I guess I will just fly around herbing and skinning, grabbing the odd pug when I have the time, and perhaps helping out some of the upcoming alts in the guild with group quests and such.

Then again this plan, like all my others, is subject to change without notice.