Not long ago I managed to get my latest character to 70. It took Drupadi took 9 days 16 hours 52 min and 18 sec to get there. I was all kinds of happy just to be done, but the best part of all was getting in under 10 days played. While I know there are people out there who can do it in like 4 days, I simply am not one of them.

Now a few days ago I get this in my mailbox. A friend had rolled a hunter on the server I play on and had started leveling it up. I remember logging in and seeing him several levels higher than when I logged out. Not leveling through the teens mind you but leveling through the 40’s and 50’s.

Well it looks like he has not only made 70 (Grats on that by the way), but had done it almost a day faster than I was able to.

Ok, not a whole day. Still 20 hours and 21 minutes is close enough for me.


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  1. Under 2 days played… and level 52 on my new horde pvp server warrior. Refer-a-friend… I love thee.

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