A public service message

Lately I like many others have been suffering from a rather persistent form of lethargy often referred to as expansionitis. A sneaky little condition that can creep up on you almost without warning. One day you are happily raiding and questing, the next you are just no longer knowing what to do.



This can be a serious condition. You should monitor both your self and your friends for the following early warning signs.

  • Running in circles around Shattrath actually taking part in the random Chuck Norris chatter in trade chat. 
  • Making checklists and spreadsheets of things to have ready before the expansion hits that look like they are preparing to spend 4 years marooned on an asteroid. 
  • Taking repeated screenshots of themselves in every piece of gear they own so they can recall what it looked like.
  •  Spending more time reading about the future than enjoying the game as it sits. 
  • Extreme cases have even been known to include leveling a horde alt into his teens just to sit in the Barrens and participate in Barrens chat. This only occours once trade is no longer bad enough.


While expansionitis can be very contagious in confined places like guilds and raid groups there is hope. While there is no known vaccine there are several things you can do to help build up your resistance.

  • Change things up, don’t do the same thing every day. Dailies are great for cash, but don’t turn your game into a second job. 
  • Been thinking about how much fun you think a different class might be? Well get cracking on a shiny new alt. With the leveling speed increases being applied from 60 to 70 also in the next patch the time has never been better! 
  • Fishing and cooking are a lot of fun already and rumor has it will be even better later on, no better time than today to dust off that fishing pole and cook pot. 
  • Still have raiders but not enough to fill the whole group? Pug whats left, there are others out there just like you that still want to run as well. Some of the best most memorable raids I have attended have been pugs in the last few months. 
  • Always wonder how the other half lives? Make an opposite faction alt and go see the game in a whole new light.


Remember, when all else fails there is always that next great MMO on the horizon. Yes I refer to none other than Hello Kitty Island of Adventure .