Somebody done stole my macros!

Yesterdays transfer went remarkable well, Dechion the priest has been renamed Morham. He joined another Dechion (my up and coming Dreani hunter) on Draenor. He was welcomed in by several nice folks that already resided there. While I am glad to be there and ready to get going I have not actually had much time to play for the last few days. So since I can’t really come here and share any interesting stories (unless you enjoy reading about me doing home maintenance) I will make few observations about the transfer itself.

The first thing I noticed when logging in was the fact that my cast bars were all but empty. I do a lot of work with macros and apparently moving servers will remove all the character unique ones while leaving the ones in the shared area alone.

It was later pointed out to me by Jess that you can go back and retrieve them all from you old WTF file. I wish I would have realized that before rewriting all my stuff. At least I did scrimp on writing and eliminated down-ranked spells completely, figuring I might as well get used to healing that way now. That and I was kinda bored with the old “no sleeping on the job” comment in my rez macro, I changed it when rewriting to “The answers you seek are not written on the floor” (bonus points to anyone who catches the movie reference)

Anyhow back to looking around at anything else that might have changed, I found my gold and bank contents were fine. All my gear and enchants were fine. I did notice my buffs were gone, both of the cast and consumable variety. I assume they were stripped off during the transfer.

I checked my raid ID and found it to be cleared even though I had run Kara early in the week. This makes perfect sense since I was no longer in the realm with the Kara I had been to, but I was not sure how it would work out. I suppose it prevents people from “splitting” a raid over multiple servers at the same time.

Lastly I checked my primal mooncloth cooldown and found it reset as well. Before the transfer I had sold my cooldown about 2 days prior for some quick cash. Not a huge game breaking economic advantage but something to keep in mind if you are about to transfer servers.

All in all things went well and I look forward to settling into my new home.