Of WotLK Beta, SSC, and yummy grilled cheese

My weekend in a nutshell.

Started downloading the beta on Friday morning after work (I get home at noon) and found out that if I am downloading that onto the laptop, updating the 2.2 version of Wow on the desktop, and apparently running the background downloader for patch 3.0 on two computers at one time, The lag on my poor little router made killing random level 10 mobs really hard on my daughter. Now that I think about it though the mobs had no trouble with attacking her….

/sigh <cancel download>  planning to finish after Fridays SSC.

Speaking of SSC, we went in and pounded on Lurker repeatedly. It was to no avail though. Through a series of really odd bad luck type happenings we kept almost getting him. A good example of bad luck was getting caught by the spout while completely underwater. One second I was tossing renews on those in range to help with the damage from being in the water, the next my Spirit of Redemption  was flying across the instance.

All in all I had a good time, the guild I have found myself in seems to be a good bunch of folks. As always I would have preferred to see the boss go down, but either way I was raiding again. I was having fun in the company of good folks. As far as I am concerned that’s what it’s all about.

With SSC over I called it a night and restarted the beta download. Finally done downloading by mid-morning I started the install….. and went to lunch still waiting for it to finish.

Started it up when I got home, yea for patches! (insert comments about spending 6 hours watching random stuff off of the Tivo) Dinner has come and gone but the downloads are done. Log in, find my characters right where I thought they would be. Create a Death knight, but don’t log into him yet. Spend some time just poking around Shat setting up castbars, speccing my characters and pets, comparing some things in my bank to live to see how spellpower seems to stack up. I may post about that later.

Sunday I logged in to the beta and decided to give my Death Knight a try. The quests early seemed interesting and the design of the area was nice. I made my was through about the first 4 or 6 quests before the lag just got too bad to deal with. Overall the mechanics seem a bit complicated. I suppose that they would seem simple in time though. I’ll give it a shot today after work when most folks are either in class or have not gotten home from work yet.

I had two things happen to me while making lunch. The first was probably the cause of the second, but I digress.

I was thinking about Wow in general, in particular how testing the Beta might effect me later on. I have three level 70 toons right now, another rapidly on his way up (31 this weekend, Yeah! no more sore feet). I will also likely level a Death knight after the initial wave of them has gone through. As it sits now I will already be leveling 5 characters through Northrend.

I think that will be plenty. I do believe right now that I will not be heading to Northrend at all. I will test things about my class in Outlands, I will tinker around with my Death Knight until I see how he plays after the starting zone. I don’t want to spoil it for myself before I even go there “for real”.

The second thing that happened was probably a result of me thinking more about the game than about cooking lunch.

Lunch was grilled cheese for me and ravioli for the kids. As a little side I was making up some garlic bread for them since I already had the griddle hot for my grilled cheese. I did not even notice until it was all said and done. I sat down to eat and found my sandwich had a whole new level of yummy going on. that’s when I realised I had used the garlic on them too when I made the garlic bread for the kids.

I could almost see the orange text saying “Dechion has discovered a new recipe <Garlic Grilled Cheese>”.