My favorite buff in WotLK

I play a priest as one of my primary characters, you may think I might be excited about the upcoming changes to the priest class. Really, not so much. The style of healing will be a bit different with the loss of downranking. Dancing with the 5 sec rule will become ever more important with the elimination of chain-potting. The biggest change to the priest really is that they really don’t change much at all.

Our biggest strength was always the versatility the priest brought. Now with the new spells other healing classes are getting that is somewhat deminished. Taking away the priest racials was an unexpected and unnessacary slap in the face. If they are going to go down that road why not just take away all racial special abilities. Nothing to make them different, just more of the same. My priest excites me less and less. He will make it to 80, but likely won’t be the first of my characters there.

I also play hunters. I have two at level 70 and one on the way up actually. I enjoy the way they play even more in the Beta. I feel that you can tell a lot about a hunter by the pet at their side. Now with every pet in the game being capable of performing reasonably well there cam be a lot more choice than before. Gone will be the days where 90% of what you see would be cats, ravagers, and windserpents. Actually now that I think about it Blizz took my priests versatility and gave it to my hunter.

I have also been playing a death knight in the beta. Although I find the quests early on to be very morally wrong I do understand the character development reasons for them. That does not mean I condone having me kill innocent villagers while they beg for their lives. There should have been another way to achieve this. The sad thing is there really are people like that in the world. When I am playing a game I don’t want to be reminded of that. As far as buffs they are so new the price tag is still hanging off them, we will see how they shake out later on.

This brings me to the real reason I am so excited for Wrath to hit. I love to solo. I enjoy going out grinding for hours while listening to my favorite podcasts . It is pretty common for me to only head back to town when my bags are full or my quiver is empty. That brings up my favorite buff in wrath, clams will now stack to 20 ! Yes, no more throwing away valuable vendor trash to clear my bags every 30 kills. I can stack ’em up until I get back to town.

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