Gearing your fresh 70 hunter for WotLK

I have temporarily paused my hunter gear list, and will be starting to rewrite it for level 80 shortly. However I have not gotten very far considering that although I am in the Beta I have not gone through all the quests nor seen all the drops. The data I have to work with is incomplete. I will however be working on it and will post when the first portions are ready.

I get more traffic checking out my profession guides and gearing lists than anything else, so I figured I would put something together to help those that are just hitting 70 and wanting to gear up a bit prior to wrath. One thing to keep in mind is what you plan to do for the next 41 days. Yes it’s that close.  I am going to set this list up assuming that (like me) if you are just approaching 70 or just recently made it you likely will not be using this character for much serious raiding prior to the expansion. If I am wrong and you have specific questions drop me an email through my about me page and I will do my best to help out.

What I am focusing on is building a set of gear that is easy to come by and adequate for both doing a few dailies, a few instances, or just general farming. I look mostly toward this because that’s what I plan with my hunter. What I am truly going for is a decent set of gear that will help me level through Northrend towards 80.

The first thing I will look at is bind on equip greens. Both the Netherstorm (level 70) and much easier to find Talhide (level 68)   “of the bandit”, “of the monkey”, and “of the Falcon” greens. These are perfectly fine for the tasks I plan to ask of them, and involve little effort to get. I could have a full set of gear waiting on my hunter to be ready for it sitting in the bank.

Will it be the best in slot gear? Nope, not even close.

Will it be shiny and purple on my character screen? not unless your monitor is set up wrong.

Will it get the job done for the next few weeks? You betcha.

Is that what matters? To me, yes.

Are there other things I could look for? Questy things? Blues? Rep stuff? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Here are going to be a few of the easier to get items that are not boe greens, I’ll put them by slot. I am going to purposefully avoid group quests (unless easily soloable), rep items that can’t be farmed up using daily quests, and BOE epics. I don’t plan to put money into epic gear I will only have for a short time. Once again thats just me. Any thing I get that needs gemming will also likely only see green quality gems at this stage of the game.

So here is what I plan to hunt for given time.

Helm: Coif of the Wicked (quest reward, Destroy Naberius in netherstorm)

  • 490 armor
  • 26 agility
  • 39 stamina
  • 52 attack power
  • 10 mana per 5

Neck: Necklace of the Deep (crafted – jewel crafting)

  • 21 agility
  • 20 stamina
  • red socket
  • red socket
  • +3 hit rating socket bonus

Shoulders: I really don’t see anything easy to come by beyond the greens listed above.

Back: Delicate green poncho (quest reward, bring me the egg in Negrand)

  • 66 armor
  • 14 agility
  • 14 hit
  • 28 attack power

Chest: Breastplate of Rapid striking (BOE world drop – auction house)

  • 619 armor
  • 40 agility
  • 20 intellect
  • 20 hit rating
  • 46 attack power

Wrist: Felstalker bracers (crafted leather working)

  • 283 armor
  • 18 agility
  • 11 intellect
  • 38 attack power
  • blue socket
  • +3 stamina socket bonus

Hands: Surger’s hand wraps (quest reward, delivering the message in netherstorm)

  • 367 armor
  • 20 agility
  • 15 stamina
  • 11 intellect
  • 5 mana per 5
  • 40 attack power

Waist: Girdle of gale force (BOE world drop – auction house)

  • 32 agility
  • 20 intellect
  • 6 mana per 5
  • 28 attack power

Legs: Scales of the beast (BOE world drop – Auction house)

  • 513 armor
  • 30 agility
  • 22 stamina
  • 23 intellect
  • 60 attack power

Boots: Boots of the Skybreaker (reward from Enraged spirits of air, Shadowmoon valley)

  • 404 armor
  • 16 agility
  • 22 stamina
  • 15 intellect
  • 48 attack power

Rings: Amber band, Almandine ring, Alexandrite ring “of the bandit”, “of the monkey” or “of the falcon” (All are BOE world drops – Auction house)

Trinkets strength of the high chief (reward from words of the high chief in winterspring)

  • 50 attack power

Core of Ar’kelos (reward from Ar’kelos the guardian in netherstorm)

  • equip: 52 attack power
  • on use: 200 attack power for 20 sec (2 min cooldown)

Terokkar tablet of precision

  • equip: 22 hit rating
  • on use: 140 attack power for 15 sec (1 minute cooldown)

Also at this time the Brewfest boss is dropping several trinkets that are similar to ones going for 41 badges of justice, if you have a chance run a few times and see what you come up with.

Ranged Weapons Velanos longbow, (BOE world drop – auction house)

  • 66.4 dps
  • 10 intellect
  • 10 crit rating
  • 22 attack power

Adamantite rifle, (crafted – engineering)

  • 60.0 dps
  • 12 agility
  • 22 attack power

Truestrike crossbow (requires shattered sun offensive – revered)

  • 66.3 dps
  • 10 agility
  • 12 stamina
  • 6 intellect
  • 20 attack power

Two handed weapons: Crystalforged Waraxe (BOE world drop – auction house)

  • 90.4 dps
  • 50 stamina
  • 27 crit rating
  • 80 attack power

One handed weapons: The Sunbreaker (requires shattered sun offensive – revered)

  • 71.9 dps
  • 14 agility
  • 12 stamina
  • 11 hit rating
  • 26 attack power

As I said at the outset, this is far from an inclusive list, merely something to go with while waiting for Wrath to descend upon us.

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