Profession additions I would like to see

It seems this weeks shared topic  revolves around a subject I have actually written about in the past. Namely if I could have one thing my profession could do, what would it be? It just so happens that I have more than one character with more than one profession, so I will take a few stabs at this one.


Oddly, they have already included my biggest wish with the new inscription profession. Namely being able to make “enchanting scrolls” I can not only sell these in the Auction house, but I can send them to my own alts as well as put them in the guild bank. I am not always online when someone needs an enchant. Way overdue in my book.

If I could ask for one thing though it would be to add a bit of fun to the game with it. There are already crafted and dropped items that have a random (“of the whale” for instance) attached to them. How about a wand that had many different effects, some silly, some functional, and even a few that would just leave you scratching your head. Have them all randomized with every cast.  Something like the Wand of Wonder from my old pen and paper rpg days. (Wand of Wonder, because you always wonder what it will do.  pat. pending, void where prohibited, limited charges available, your mileage may vary)


This time I will ask for a bit of something. Give a tailor the option to add a “bag extension” to my silly little 16 slot backpack. Yes I know that my vanity pets, heroic badges, mounts and such are finding new homes in other tabs, but we are soon to be at the point that I will be able to craft 22 slot bags, why would I stick with a 16 slotter?


Engineering has come a long way from it’s “nice goggles, but mostly useless” money sink of The Burning Crusade. There are many really nice new recipes coming in Wrath, my favorites being the crafted ground mounts (chopper FTW) and the Goblin army knife (half a bag saved on tools carried). What I would like to see falls right in there with the engineering tradition of useful but dangerous.

I want new jumper cables. New cables that always work. Instead of giving them a 50% chance to resurrect their target, have them always work but give a 90% to electrocute and kill the engineer using them. Functional, overly complex, and potentially deadly to the user, now that’s what engineering is all about!


No I am not yet an inscriptionist , nor do I play one on TV. I have read up on it a bit though as I do intend to have one (probably my Death Knight, like everyone else). There are some amazingly functional glyphs out there. I am looking to add a few, only available to the inscriptionist that would just be plain fun. things like these.

  • Inscription of “travel ‘o city” (Shaman) – makes all totems appear as glowing garden gnomes.
  • Inscription of “carebear” (Warlock) – makes the purple skulls in shadowbolt appear as smiley faces.
  • inscription of “dancing” (mana users) – All companions names appear as “Five second rule”. This way they can /dance with it.

Now I am not saying that the upcoming profession changes are not “good” or “useful”. If anything they made choosing a profession harder by making them all good (props to Blizz for that). What I am saying is that putting little funny things in the game won’t change the balance. The only thing I can see it doing is putting a smile on peoples faces, and last I checked this is still a game….. fun is what its all about.