7 random things I learned this week

Ever heard the saying “You learn something new everyday”? It has always been a particular favorite of mine, even when I was in school learning until my brain hurt. 

Just over the last few days I have picked up on enough things to really make clear how much I do not know about Warcraft. I figured I would post a few of the things I have picked up on this week.


  • Healing for Coriean Direbrew goes a lot easier if I don’t use renew. Prayer of mending and the very occasional greater heal or flash heal are more than enough to keep up. Since I don’t have HoT’s ticking when the adds spawn they don’t aggro to me. Might seem like common sense to long time healers, but I am new at this.


  • Refer a friend is not as evil as I first thought. When I completed the starting zone on my new warrior alt the daughter I had referred (who is now level 12) dropped 5 levels on me and brought me to 12 as well. There is a substantial gear penalty for not doing the quests I should have however.


  •  Especialy when poking your way through a new class you should pay attention to your gear. I realised after getting repetedly hammered by same level mobs that my warrior was still wearing a mix of cloth, leather, and mail that had dropped in her questing up to 7. She was totaly undergeared and it showed badly.


  • Even as a warrior I can still finish off runners with a bow, I need to keep a good one on hand. Having a thrown weapon for pulling might be a good addition to my bags, just in case I run out of arrows without a hunter nearby.


  • While doing some reading this morning I found out that I have a warrior specific quest for my various stances. The first of these was availible at level 10 and I have yet to do it.


  • I think the best way to get a Kodo to drop from the brewfest boss is to bring with you 4 people who already have it. I don’t know about you, but I am almost positive he looks in everyones bags so he can drop something you all already have.


  • The Death Knight starting zone is an area that gives rested XP. I plan to create one on the day Wrath launches, watch the intro video, and park him where he lands for at least a week. I think starting out with a level and a half rested would be nice.

Thats about all the randomness I have for you right now. Have a great weekend and may the loot be with you.