Farming, Dreams, and Herbie things.

I have tried many things to avoid expansionitis, even so it is creeping up on me.

There is so much I could be doing, it seems like the expansion is coming on like a freight train. I know I don’t need to level my professions right now. there will be plenty of time later to do it.

You see, I have things planned out in advance as best I can. It’s a fault of mine to plan things out. I only have so much time I can put into playing and I want to do the best most efficient job I can in that time. I would like all my professions to mesh well with one another while still working well for the class they are on.


My priest Morham (70) has tailoring for the bags, spellthread, and crafted armors as well as  enchanting for the ring enchants (and to disenchant random stuff for the team).

My hunter Drupadi (70) has herbalisim and skinning and will either stay that way or end up as herbing/mining, she is the one character I invested an epic flying mount into and she is my gatherer. Drupadi’s motto within the team “I farm hard, so you don’t have to”

Another upcoming hunter Dechion (34) is intended to be my raiding hunter. He is currently herbing/skinning for cash while leveling, but it is planned to go with alchemy and inscription once he is done leveling. Drupadi can feed him materials.

The warrior I just started Alenore (18) is taking mining and jewelcrafting, supplying her own raw materials and gems for the group she will fit in nicely. I don’t know what my intentions are with this toon for endgame, or even if she will make it that far. I can say that those professions would help out well once I get there.

The final piece of the puzzle will be my death knight. I have played the class in beta and really like the mechanics of it. I am not sure of the tanking style since I have not done that yet, but as dps I am having a blast. Since I will already have a miner to supply metals (if I don’t level Alenore I will just drop skinning on Drupadi) This toon will be a blacksmith/engineer.


What does all this tell me? And what does it have to do with the title? Paitience, I’ll get there.

Last night I had been pondering the synergies between the different professions that my characters have (or will have) and started making lists up of all the stuff I will have to have on hand to level my skills. I decided to start farming up herbs towards both alchemy and inscription just as I was dozing off.

At 3am I snapped awake, wide awake. You see, I had to go check the list and see what I needed next. I was getting ready for Wrath by farming herbs in my dreams.

Something tells me I should start loading down my bank toons. If not for easy leveling later, at least I can get a good nights sleep.


Note: and excelent guid to inscription leveling was put together be Siha of bananna shoulders and can be found HERE

A leveling guide to alchemy (that I think is good, but then again I wrote it) can be found HERE.