Why, oh why, do I think of these things?

I was on the beta a day or three ago when I heard it.  Just standing in Shat minding my own business and there in front of me were two people arguing about how replacing healing and damage with spellpower was going to be the end of the world. Great cracks opening in the ground, the dead rising from the grave, dogs and cats living together, you get the Idea. They talked on and on about how everyone would be after the same gear, how there would be no variety.

The mage was convinced this was put in place for the sole purpose of making everyone else take his loot.  

The priest was certain that with so many dps cloth wearers out there that she would always get out rolled on her loot.



Admittedly it was more entertaining than watching TV, so I just kinda sat there and watched. I figure if they wanted this to be private they would use whispers instead of chat bubbles. Back and forth it went, no one seeming to make any headway. After about 15 minutes or so I decided to say something. They had been going back and forth without really comparing anything.

Well, it just so happens that I have been really lucky in Kara and actually had both the healing and dps tier 4 gloves on me at the time. I linked them both so they could compare what the change actually looks like. Oddly they were still able to tell the difference between the healing piece with MP5 and the DPS piece with crit.

The conversation then turned to how even though one piece might be better for one or the other it could still be used by both. Mage having mana issues in long fights? swap in a few pieces of “healing” gear for the mana regen. Priest need a bit of hit/crit? swap in a bit of dps gear. Farmed that “perfect” piece of gear till you can run the instance in your sleep (and likely have) without it dropping? Odds are something close did and you are using that while you keep trying.

It seems at the end of the day that both were happy with the way it looks like it will work out. There will be less shards, less wasted gear, and easier gearing up. Overall it seems like a win-win to me.

 So off I went, logging back to the live servers to work on my upcoming hunter. I still had the whole thing rolling around in my head though. Somehow I ended up thinking of it like a commercial for a certain trademarked candy that we will not mention by name.




Mage: Hey! you got your healing on my spell damage!

Priest: No, you got your spell damage on my healing!

struggle, struggle, struggle…

Both: Hey! this spellpower stuff is pretty good!


Why, oh why, do I think of these things?