9 Random things to do


Burned out?

Well that makes 27,432 of us (and counting).

I figure that instead of waiting for a month to see new things and face new challenges I would try to make up a few of my own. Nothing complicated, just something to do while I wait for Wrath to hit.

1. Win the Stanglethorn Vale fishing contest.

2. Want to see how good you really are at PVP? Go que up your bank toon and see how well you can do.

3. Open trade with a gold begger, put 100g in the trade window and see how long they will wait for you to click accept before giving up and leaving. You might want to pack a lunch.

4. Speaking of gold beggers. Make a macro that will whisper them the catchy part of some song lyrics, attempting to get it stuck in their head.

5. Grab 9 friends for a lowbie raid. All ten of you roll new alts, level to 10 and try to raid either Wailing caverns or Deadmines.  I’m thinking 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 DPS.

6. Get some friends together and play darts. Pick someplace with good long fall and place a character who can rez at the bottom. Have everyone jump, trying to be the one who hits closest to the rezzer. The floating rocks in Negrand seem like a good place for this one. 

7. Be like everyone else and spend the next month grinding for one thing or another.

8. Run out of things to do, stand in Shattrah and engage in deep discussions of politics with like minded intelligent people.

9. Make french fries and use garlic salt instead of table salt. Yes I know, not Wow related. Wait, you could eat them while playing! Ha! now its Wow related.

Whatever you do, make it fun. Don’t just sit waiting for next month, play the game we have now.

6 Responses

  1. “Want to see how good you really are at PVP? Go que up your bank toon and see how well you can do.”

    my bank toon is a level 38 shadow priest … and I have done PvP with her pretty successfully. Nice list though!

  2. I am intrigued by 8. Is your Shattrath very different from mine? It sounds like it.

  3. I was invited to do 6. It was fun. They splashed everywhere around, while I popped swift flight form before touchdown and flied to the top of the resser. 🙂 They said it was not fair so I did not get my well deserved Raw Longjaw Mudsnapper, but still it was fun.

  4. @Yashima I suppose that could be the case depending on the bank toon. Then again my current one is a level 1 warrior wearing a nice shirt, pants, and boots. Not even armed. Purely a city toon.

    @Kadomi I was being sarcastic. My trade chat is just as full of trolls, rude idiots, and chuck norris jokes as any other I have seen.

    @Gevlon Thats not cheating, thats using your noodle. Of course next time I am sure the rules will say no slowfall, flight form, or levitate =P

  5. […] This post by Dechion wasn’t bad: 9 Random things to do. The 100g game particularly amused me. […]

  6. […] There was a time before Wrath that TBC was kinda winding down and folks were looking for things to do to keep busy. I suggested 9 random things to do . […]

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