The biggest buff yet

First let me apologize for yesterdays rant.

Reading back over it I kinda come off sounding like a spoiled teenager who did not get his way.  Well that is totally not true, I am actually a spoiled adult that did not get his way. I just need to plan better for next year. Better planning for next year, thats definately on my list of things to work on.

During this mornings reading I found a really interesting site I thought I would link, The Daedalus Project. It is a really fascinating study of the psychology and demographics of MMORPG’s. I got started reading and did not look up for over and hour. Go ahead and go check it out, I’ll be here when you get back.


Back? Good.

I just wanted to touch briefly on what I consider one of the most game changing new features, the ability to swap between two talent specs on the fly. It was specifically stated that respeccing between the two specs of your choice would be possible while still in an instance between fights. It will not work in arena, and although not stated I am assuming it will not work in combat either.

I don’t think how game changing this truly is has hit people yet. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Its more than the Pally who can have Healing/ DPS/ Protection (pick 2 from column a) or the Warrior who can have a Protection build and a DPS build at the same time. The things you can do with this are not limited by the more traditional roles, but by your creativity.

Take my priest Morham for instance. He specced as a 23/38/0 Improved Divine Spirit healer within hours of hitting level 70 and has been there ever since. I would have loved to do a bit of DPS from time to time, but I am too cheap to respec constantly. I would have loved to try out Circle of Healing, but always needed to be 23 points deep in Discipline to get the spirit buff for everyone.

What if, after this goes live, I were to build a deep holy healing build that does not have those 23 points. I gimp my raid by taking away that buff right? Wrong. I will have a second build in the wings. A Discipline DPS build, built around holy damage and Smiting. That build has the Improved Divine Spirit.

Once every 30 minutes I switch to my Discipline build, buff the raid, and switch back to deep holy.

I have not looked deep into how this will effect everyone or every class, that was just one example that popped into my head like a lightbuld coming on as I read the news. It lets you do more with less. We will be much more likely to be able to be able to build a group with the people who are availible as everyone will have more of a choice of what role to play at that point in time. It effectively makes every class a hybrid.

For me this is the greatest buff to come out of WotLK. I can have my cake and eat it too.