Oh, snap!




No your not hearing a popular (and trademarked) breakfast cereal. That was a recreation of the sounds my laptop made as the hinge holding the monitor on cracked in half and tried to take the rest of the case with it. Seeing as how this is the machine I both play Wow on and write posts for your amusement, it kinda put a bit of a damper on my day.

Ok, so maybe it was more than a damper. I might even possibly have let loose a string of colorful language sufficient to cause the dogs to go hide behind the couch, vaporize my glass of soda, and have a friend come over from two doors down to make sure I was alright. That might have happened, but I can’t confirm it. I was too busy trying to hold what remained of my computer together.



*Shaking fist* “Curse you Murphy! How dare you do this on patch day! I have Wow to play and posts to write!”

Hmm, good thing I am kinda handy with tools. Especially since I fix things for a living. After all its just a little computer, how hard could it be, right? So I grab my doctors tool bag and commence opening the patient up. Wow there’s a lot of tiny little things inside a laptop, apparently they are assembled by specially trained miniaturised people, or at least ones that don’t have sausage like fingers. But I digress.

I figured out what needed replaced and started looking for a new bottom half of the case, surprisingly there are two places that still carry them, even though Gateway no longer does. To be fair they did put me in touch with the aftermarket suppliers. Of course they are both out of stock.

Not only are they out of stock but it turns out the case is made of some rare precious metal, possibly mined on the dark side of the moon. That is the only way I can see justifying charging people $200 for a piece of molded plastic with a few metal bits attached.

So here I sit, laptop in pieces all over my desk and no parts to be had.

Coincidence of coincidences, my son is watching Apollo 13 for about the 9 millionth time. As I pass through trying to figure out what to do I see one of my favorite scenes from the show. Several engineers are sitting around a conference table looking very serious. In walks someone, dumps a box of random stuff on the table, and while waving both round and square filters at them says “you have to find a way to make this (square filter) fit onto the hole make for that (round filter) using nothing but that (the pile of stuff on the table)”.

Ding! The light goes on, the idea comes. If I can’t replace it, I am just going to have to make it work with whatever I have laying around. Yes, I realise they were working to save lives and truly had no other options. Yes I realise that I could just go to the store and purchase a nice new laptop if I really wanted to. I don’t want a new one though, I want this one fixed. There has to be something here that will work…..

*rustling noises as drawers and cabinets get ransacked*

I come up with some random bits of scrap metal, a roll of duct tape, and some JB weld. It’s not much, but should be enough to improvise something.

18 hours of metal cutting and shaping, JB weld drying, and reassembly later my computer is finally fixed. Hell you can barely even tell where the new brackets are mounted, and I barely had to cut away any of the case at all. Best of all is that the only thing it cost me was time.

Now to download the patch and rebuild my UI when I get home. With any luck I can actually post something game related in a day or two. In the meantime I am going to steal an idea from Big Bear Butt for something to do while I download. I am kinda in the mood for  Junkyard Wars now.

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