The Hallowed

I know, I know.

Yesterday I said I would do a breakdown on my priests talent spec similar to what I did for my hunter. This morning I woke up to find that there is a new build on the PTR and likely a few more changes on the horizon. I don’t want to do an entire article on a build that may very well be useless in a week or so. What I will say is that I chose a spec very similar to the 23/38/0 Improved Divine Spirit build that I have healed with for the last year. I am now running with THIS 23/38/0 Improved Divine Spirit build. It seems to work well for what little I have done with it so far.

Once things settle down I will do the full breakdown, likely revisiting the Hunter class then as well.

On the plus side, Hallows End has started today, offering tricks, treats, and titles.  I did a long rambling post about all the achievements tied to my favorite holiday a few weeks ago which you can check out HERE.

We interrupt this blog to bring you breaking news…… Apparently Blizzard has reconsidered its position on allowing random occurrences effect the outcome of meta achievements. In an announcement today Blizzard has removed the A mask for all occasions  achievement from the meta achievement Hallowed be thy name . We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Having the requirement to get all the Hallows Eve masks removed will be a big help in removing the randomness from my efforts to complete the meta achievement. One thisg still to consider though is the horrible drop rate on the one other random item. I refer to none other than the  Sinister Squashling pet  thet drops from the Headless Horseman.  I will need to have that drop, and win the roll, to complete Sinister calling . Perhaps the drop rate on that item has been increased slightly, we shall see. At any rate I plan to continue my efforts to complete Hallowed be thy name this Hallows eve regardless of drop rate on the pet.

In the bigger picture I understand its crazy right now. There are new talents, new spells, new pets for hunters, achievments, glyphs, new everything it seems. What better way to get used to them than running around wired on candy or smacking the Headless Horseman around? In 26 days everything will change again anyway, quit worrying about three weeks from now.

Have fun with what we have while we are here.