A weekend for the books

It was an interesting weekend to say the least.

I got started early on the holiday achievements for Hallows Eve. The better part of a days playtime involved visiting 47 candy buckets scattered around the world on two different characters. I ran the Headless Horseman about 25 times spread out over the two toons and two days as well as doing many of the other side quests. Over all having a blast with the holiday and the achievements that go with it.

On the first of the many attampts at the Horseman he dropped none other than the Sinister Squashling . Not only did it drop, but in a nice turn about from my usually horrible rolls Drupadi actually won it. Then again I have seen the Hallowed Helm drop four times and lost every roll, so we shall see if the future holds a helm (and the title that goes with it) for her or not.



I think Blizzard really hit one out of the park with the whole achievement system. The Idea that the little things you do somehow all add up is kind of nice. Having the ability to use it to plan out long term goals is really nice as well. I for one am going to try to complete What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Are their easier ways to go about getting an epic flyer? Of course there are. The flyer is not the goal, it’s just a prize for sticking to it for a year. Will I be able to stick with it that long? Who knows? Ask me next year at Brewfest and I’ll have a better answer. Either way its less about the destination than it is about the journey.

Speaking about journeys, when I sat down to do my normal Monday morning babble I came to realize that this will be my 100th post. While not really a huge milestone it is kinda significant for me, what with it being a big round number and all.

Five months ago when I started writing, first on Benameless then later here at Dechion’s Place, I had no idea where this would lead, I still don’t. Hell, I did not even know if I would still be blogging a week later. With any luck I will continue to get better at this as time goes on, what with practice improving skills and all. 

Writing here has taught me a few things though, not all of them about the game. I have come to realise that blogging, like achievements, is much less about where it ends than about how you get there. It’s all about the journey.

So here is an open invite to continue the journey with me.

Buckle up, I hope to make it an interesting ride.