Murphy strikes again

Curse you Murphy!

As those who follow know, I am trying for the achievement What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been. Not only am I working on it but I am trying to do it on two characters at the same time. Drupadi and Morham have been running all over the world doing one thing after another. With a few days of perseverance they have both managed to knock out all the requirements for Hallowed be thy Name save one.

Sinister Calling.

Oh, how you mock me random number generator. Drupadi got incredibly lucky on Saturday, not only seeing the Sinister Squashling drop but winning the roll. Leaving her but one random drop away from completing her achievement. All she needs now is the Hallowed Helm.

Sunday it dropped four times, and the loot-fu was not with her. Five players in the instance, four drops. Guess who walked out without one. /Sigh

Monday was more of the same, it dropped two times for her group. She managed to roll a 99 and a 98, yet she still does not have one. Both times someone else rolled a 100. I guess its back in the saddle again after maintenance today. Perhaps said maintenance will fix her broken RNG.


I had a blast on Morham yesterday. After getting ready to go do some PVP for G.N.E.R.D. rage  I realised that all the G.N.E.R.D.S. I had gathered the day before were gone. /Epic Fail at reading tooltips. So I Logged over to Dechion and hit up a few candy buckets to support Morhams achievement habit, then went to do a bit of PvP.

While it is no secret that I have never really been a fan of PvP I can honestly say that I had a blast. Even doing it as a PVE specced and geared holy priest was not too bad. I walked out of one Alterac Valley with 3 or 4 achievements complete and well over 130 HK’s in one engagement. Not only did I come in tops on the healing done chart but I managed to get two killing blows with only one death.

I understand that if you PvP regularly that this probably seems very Meh to you, but it’s my blog and I’ll babble if I want to.


Now Morham was all caught up with Drupadi, just Sinister Calling left to do. Grabbing a group He headed off to go do the Headless Horseman and challenge his luck with the dreaded RNG. He was pretty fortunate in getting a solid group for the days attempts, Every time having the Horseman down before his adds sprouted. We went through it so fast that when it was all over there were five flaming bodies on the ground. The last was down before the first despawned.

On the last attempt the loot-fu was finally with me. The drop I had been waiting for popped up on my screen. The rolls scrolled past…. Morham with an 88 picks up none other than, you guessed it.

The Hallowed Helm.