Prices drop in Wotlk, without going down

Doing more with less.

A coroperate mantra, a financiers dream, a conservationists vision, and at least in Wow an economic reality.

Soon, very soon, what seems expensive to you now will seem like chump change. I will use mount costs as an example.

When you were level 40 and needed 100g for your slow ground mount it was a lot of money. Now at level 30 you need less than half that, but it’s still a good chunk of change at that level. 500g at level 60 was a ton of work, at 70 its a few dailies away. The same can be said of the 1000g for a basic flyer as a fresh level 70.

The point is that the only thing that truly has a steady value in the game is your time. Here are two examples to compare. A low level character that can manage to gather 25-30g worth of stuff in a couple of hours play, and a level 70 that can plow through 250g worth of daily quests in the same amount of time.

The level 70 character does not work any harder than the low level one, he just makes more money based on the game mechanics and where he fits within them. A good friend of mine once came riding down to lowbie land  on his level 60 main to drop four ten slot bags and 5g on me to help me on my way. I recently returned the favor when he rerolled onto Draenor, passing him four sixteen slot bags and 25g. I still think I got the better end of the deal.

Inflation is your friend.

Whether you have seen it your self or just heard some of the old codgers whining about it you know how a dollar just doesn’t go as far as it used to. You know the ones I am talking about, they shake their cane at you, and ramble on about being better than everyone else just because they were in the open beta …

For Atari.

Thier joysticks had just one button. They had no fancy keybindings or macros. They played thier games uphill, both ways, on a black and white TV, BEFORE THE INVENTION OF MOUNTAIN DEW.



These same folks will talk about how once upon a time you could buy a car for a few thousand dollars, now costs more than a HOUSE did 40 years ago. They talk of gas for 35 cents a gallon and cigerettes at five bucks a carton. Want some fun? Grab an old magazine and read through the ads in the back looking at prices, but I digress.

“But I was always told Inflation is bad” you say? Well, in the real world it is. It forces us to try to make the same amount of incoming money cover the ever increasing costs of living. But that is the real world, not the world of warcraft.

In Warcraft Inflation works in reverse. Remember leveling? How happy you were as the mobs dropped more and more money. Recall what it was like when the quests started to give silver instead of copper, then gold instead of silver. Think back to when you really wished you had just a couple of gold to buy some bags for your shiny new character? when having 500G for your epic riding skill seemed like a mountain impossible to climb? 

In WotLK they are selling Mammoths for 20,000g and rings for 8500g. It won’t be too long before we look back and call 5000G for the epic flier chump change.

The way I see it with the price staying the same and our earning potential going up its basicly inflation in reverse. The thing I am really spending is my time, the gold just represents how much of it I have invested and the level that I am playing at.

With the amount of gold going up as I level and for the most part prices staying the same I can invest less of my time in farming and more into actually playing. That is how the price falls, without going down.

2 Responses

  1. Great post! It inspired one from me. Too bad that Larísa already inspired the post for tomorrow, so the one inspired by you will be the next one.

  2. I find myself having to constantly look at “time” as the monetary blood of WoW. “Should I farm herbs or buy on AH with daily question money?” Trying to put a price tag on 1h of play will help you determine answers to questions such as those. You bring up a great point about how gold represents how much time you’ve invested at your current level.

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