It was a wonderful zombie filled hunter Christmas

I was going to write a long drawn out post about the whole zombie invasion part of the current world event. Then I started reading my feedreader and realized that had been quite thoroughly beaten to death. My opinion on it? I think it was fun while it lasted, but I am glad it’s over.

Secondly, I don’t normally do “loot posts”. Not that there is anything wrong with them per say, just usually not my thing. Well this weekend was exceptional, all the stars were properly aligned, all my rolls were good, and best of all no one else needed (or greeded) anything that dropped.




Enter Drupadi, my relatively fresh 70 hunter. She has so far run two instances, Shadow Labs and Kara. I knew she would have been fine leveling in the blues and greens she picked up questing her way to 70. That in mind I had no intention of going gear farming for her before wrath hit. That changed when I got an offer to run Kara with a well geared pug group that was mostly there to farm badges.  That’s when the epics started to drop.

In short order I picked up the Worgen claw necklace from Attumen. He went down like he was throwing the fight. I know it’s Hallows Eve and all, but you don’t have to just sit in your stable and pass out epics. Then again I seem to remember being happy at this point just to have gotten something other than badges for the run.

It was amazing how fast things were going down, both from most of the raid being overgeared and from the great boss nerf of ’08. Morose lost all four of his buddies by the time of his first vanish, and he himself was down before his second. Curator never managed to make it to evocation, and we pulled him accidentally along with the last pack of mobs.  I don’t think maiden lasted long enough to put us to sleep once. I seem to remember this place being a lot harder a few years ago.

Continuing on we pulled up the curtains on the opera only to find…. Big bad wolf. He managed to get two turns chasing people around before we took him down. What drops? you guessed it, the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle. Even better was that no one else needed it. Counting my lucky stars that I managed to pick up what is undoubtedly my favorite gun in the game as we carried on.

Boss after boss went down with a speed that continued to amaze me. On Illhoof we managed to nuke is buddy first, and have him down before the re-spawn. I think one person total was sacrificed. When we went through his pockets, low and behold there was a Girdle of the prowler and I was the only mail wearer in the group. More hunterey goodness.

Moving onward and upward we cleared to Shade of Aran, then put him out of his misery before he had a chance to do more than say “WTF?”. Speaking of being the only mail wearer in the group, Shade in all his kindness decided to drop me a nice Steelspine Faceguard. I was actually starting to feel bad that all the loot was going my way, but better to use it than shard it.

The rest of the group was giving me some good natured grief about about the way things were falling, but we were all having fun with it. We even predicted how it would all end. Prince down by the third infernal. Low and behold there sits what I have been questing for since my first hunter started running Kara almost 2 years ago now, the mighty Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. Not only did it finally drop, but no one else wanted it.

I write this not to brag, not to gloat, not to stroke my e-peen. If I was doing this just to brag I would post shots of the damage meters for the run, which had me at 3rd overall. Not bad for being woefully undergeared. Hell, I actually feel bad for getting so much loot in one run.

I write this so that six months from now, when my forehead is bloody from beating my head against the brick wall known as “progression” I can look back at this and smile. I can remember the day that the bosses dropped like Hogger and the epics fell like rain.